September 29

Luke 24

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Thank you Lord Jesus for this day that changed everything.  Amen

Everyone who encountered the Risen Christ was deeply touched.  Here is Luke’s rendition of who met Jesus the Risen Lord.

The women were the first to go to the empty tomb. They see the angels who told them what had happened. The women ran and told the others who seemed incredulous and so they wouldn’t move. Peter, however, blitzed to see for himself and he still doesn’t know what to make of it.  After this Jesus appears along the road to Emmaus and lets them tell him what they are aall down about, what has been happening and what they felt about it all. This is a great literative tactic of Luke for it brings out the sentiment of obscure observers and they end up more or less telling of the mood that had overtaken the city.  Most could not believe what they ended up witnessing as an innocent man was caught in the web of Sanhedrin legality against Roman cruelty (called ‘law’). It is about a 7 mile walk between these two areas, -[a path my husband traversed over three decades ago.]  So Jesus is explaining all about Himself from Moses and the Prophets and ‘all’ the Scripture. Let me tell you that is a two-hour lecture that would captivate just about anyone. Their hearts were burning as they listened.  After they realize it’s Him, they tear back to Jerusalem and tell the 11 disciples (remember Judas hung himself they’re not back to 12 yet). Mind you they took this journey back to Jerusalem at night – something that is not done. They were so very impressed and determined to notify the disciples immediately.  It had to jolt them all that while they are breathless explaining that Jesus is risen  . . .   he appeared in the room and apparently did not enter via a doorway. They thought he was a ghost … until he spoke.  Then He ate.  That is another one of the manifold proofs that he was alive, not a ghost, and not in a walking coma.  The resuscitated; nor those who are not fully alive do not eat. How many times did Jesus raise the dead and then order that the revived be given food to eat. It’s a proof that one is back to life again.  His words to His disciples at this point are a pure marvel.  He tells them the meaning of all that happened in just a few lines and this is what these disciples end up taking to the whole earth!!  In less than a century the gospel had extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from where Portugal is today to the east coast of China where Shanghai is found today.  This Resurrected Christ Jesus had opened the door to salvation.  Soon he would send fuel for the journey, tools and provision for the job, minds that would be up for the task, hearts that would turn these fluttering ruffians into bold lions that would shake an empire. They would soon have the Holy Spirit and this would be what God provided to make this news a global phenomenon.    The joy that came over these souls who witnessed this Risen Lord, and heard His reassurance and explanation, and saw Him rise and depart for heaven went and did what they were born to do.  They worshiped in the Temple.  They actually engaged in a spontaneous worship marathon!  This is another one of those events that y’wish y’could have been there…

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