September 25

I Chronicles 24-27

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, I pray we take our assignments from you as seriously as King David and his men took theirs. Amen.

As we draw near to the end of I Chronicles, let’s pause a moment and review this book; this “King David” book. ch.s’ 1-9 are genealogies of the Hebrews. David is made King in 10-12. The trek that brought the Ark to Jerusalem; 13-16. David aspires to build the Temple but accepts God’s decline on this one I Chr. 17. His valiant deeds, battles, victories are 18-20. His life stumbles as he takes a census that he was warned not to, and pays severely for it in ch. 21. David is fervent to gather material for the Temple even though he would never build it; 22. Then from 23 to 27; the five chapters before we get David’s final words and prayer, there is a copious list of attendants that are to be installed to sustain matters so that the nation and faith of the God of the Hebrews, the Author and Finisher of the faith that is to redeem the world, is tended to with all arduous faithfulness and serious focus.

24 – the priests are grouped into 24 divisions so that the duties are tended to in the sanctuary without a hitch, no one is overworked, no “shift” is understaffed, the priests on duty are always fresh, rested and ready to fulfill the tasks set before them. Churches today do the same, best as they are able to make sure the parking lot is tended to, the nursery is staffed, there are enough workers/teachers for Sunday School, ushers are plentiful, communion is covered, ad infinitum. God is mindful of realities here and doesn’t bellow at any priests, “hey, I don’t care if you are tired from working seven 16 hour shifts this week, buck up and show some heart attitude you slacker. You’re working for me here, don’t you know? Push through the fatigue buddy!”  No. God is not a whip crack, and we are not plow mules. Serving Him is not beleaguering. And it shows in His having David order the duties of priests that provides constant covering for each other, rotating, getting enough rest between turns so no one is worked to exhaustion. Haleluia. We could revisit this in our culture today for there are too many weary pastors who are overworked, under appreciated, and underpaid.
25 –  The similar structure is put in place for the musicians. Music plays a critical role in worship. Some churches have no instruments and have a heritage of their subjective reasons for all singing being acapella – but they don’t get this from the Bible. Music is pivotal in worship, angelic in tone when done with skill and spiritual yieldedness, it is powerful for uplifting and refreshing the spirit.
26 – Gatekeepers and treasurers were put in place and their roles are ordained for providing an ordained order in all these related matters. Any church that doesn’t keep fastidious attention to bills and apportioning of funds to maintenance and paying hired/committed staff, tallying offerings, issuing receipts for tax forms etc. …let’s put it this way, they won’t be in operation long. And as for gatekeepers, they are similar to today’s ushers only these gatekeepers were men who were fully occupied and called in this spiritual duty.  Don’t you prefer it when you are visiting a church and there is an information booth, a director and gracious staff that answers questions, leads you to an open seat, points out the hot coffee, mentions the reception lunch afterwards and so forth. It’s even nice when the ushers have a matching necktie or sash or vest that instantly states to all, “I’m here to help”.  Sporting events have ushers with matching outfits, it’s not a bad idea when church ushers are also obviously presented as helpers.
27 – The military that David organized is to stay organized. They have a Kingdom to defend and as any historian knows, it shall be defended by astute, trained, moral leaders or it will be lost.  24,000 soldiers were to be on duty at all times.  They had come through the desert and knew that there were enemy nations lurking in every direction. They left one in Egypt nearly 40 years ago. They had encountered Amalekites and several other hostile armies enroute.  As well as ordering the defense of the nation and the king, the civil leaders and court leaders are also put in place along with overseers of the royal household – everything was laid out clear down to tenants for orchards, vineyards and shepherds. The King was to be well tended to and indeed he was. This system reached its apex under David’s son; Solomon whose pageantry blossomed to a staggering level of regal wealth. The kings and queens of the earth were astonished. The system that was set up here in ch. 27 allowed for this to flourish as it did.

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