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The Seven Streams Method was created to take us through seven divisions of Scripture by reading one portion from each stream for each day of the week.

Read, read, read your Book gently down the streams…


 Welcome one and all to the Seven Streams Method. This method is a unique way to go through the Bible in a year and thank you for joining me on this journey. I am Serena Travis and I will share a little bit about myself and also about this method before we launch into our year of reading through the Bible together.

And then he thought,  “What if each day of the week I was listening to a different section of Scripture?”

Creation of The 7 Streams

So the Seven Streams Method is something that was created by my husband, Drake Travis, and he has gone through the Bible many times over. And there’s been some years where he’s gone through the Bible multiple times and I know that he finds great comfort in going through the Bible. One of the things that he realized as he was spending time listening to the Bible is that he preferred to listen to one section of the Bible per day as opposed to going into the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. He would rather spend that one day listening to one section of Scripture. And then he thought,  “What if each day of the week I was listening to a different section of Scripture?” He knew from seminary study that there are natural divisions of types of books in the Bible.

Let’s talk about the Bible in the first place. The Bible is not just a book. As some of you may know, it a library. It’s a library of historical books, there’s a songbook, there are letters. It’s a grouping of different types of writing. Some of it is prose, some of it is poetry, and some of it seems a bit cryptic and some of it genealogical so it’s more kind of dry material I guess you could say. There’s exciting stories and there’s kind of a how to section in Leviticus in there of how we’re supposed to live. Over all there’s this vast array and it’s written over many years with different writers. It’s very interesting and so much more than a book. And now we are going through the 66 books of the Bible library and we will do that over the course of the year.

The 7 Streams are these: The World, The Nation, Wisdom, Prophetic, Exile, Christ and The Church. Each week we will read from one section of each of those streams. Now The World covers Genesis to Deuteronomy and we’re going to spread out over the course of the year. The Nation is Joshua to Esther. Wisdom is Job to Song of Solomon. Prophetic is Isaiah to Ezekiel and the Exile is Daniel to Malachi – those are the Minor Prophets. And then Christ is the Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Then there’s The Church stream which is Acts to Revelation. So with a division like this some of the days will have somewhat short readings while other days we will be rowing a bit more. We’ll have to get out another set of oars and we’re going to be in it for the long haul. The average time is fairly close to 30 minutes. Over the course of the week, we’re going to experience a cross-section of the Bible through the Streams and will find a thread for that week. I’ll share the thread through the Streams after the commentary on The Church Stream at the end of our Bible week.


Each week I will use a different translation of the Bible and by doing that we’re going to experience some translations which are more word for word and other translations which are more thought.


One of the most asked questions about reading through the Bible is how to handle all the names. First of all, you’ll notice that names can change depending on the translation. Second, I’ve adopted a more Hebrew pronunciation of the names even though they are Anglicized. You may have heard a different pronunciation depending on when and where you grew up. Third, Drake and I have been in biblical studies for years. Drake went to Seminary so we have been immersed in Bible speak.

So anyway I’m excited about this journey together. You may be taking part in this journey at different times of the day and I find some times that it’s even helpful to listen to the Bible as I’m going to sleep. So if that’s your plan, I’m totally fine with that. I will not be offended if you fall asleep while I’m reading in fact I would be flattered. It’s a wonderful thing to fill your mind with the scriptures as you’re falling asleep because you’re feeding your mind with the things that you should focus on.

A Bit About Serena

My major in college was mathematics, so I enjoy Numbers. Ha, ha – some dry humor there. My family and I like to study genealogy. I also play the piano and the tuba and I dabble with a few other instruments. I enjoying reading and love all things audio.

Staying Connected

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Thank you for joining me on this journey. I look forward to this voyage that we’re taking together. Imagine that you are boarding a ship as you climb aboard. The cool thing about this is that there’s no limit to the number of people we can take aboard. The ship automatically “grows”! Make sure to invite a friend to join you on this journey. It’s always good to have a shipmate who is a good buddy.  If you’ve never gone to the Bible before or if you’ve gone through the Bible many times, the Seven Streams is a whole new way to experience the Scripture. Time to go hoist the anchor and set sail. Welcome!

For your reference, please download this PDF for a complete Year at a Glance version of The Seven Streams Method.