January 26

Daniel 3

We are very close to finishing our first month! We continue reading from the New American Standard Bible this week. We return to the Exile Stream in the book of Daniel. Today we’ll find out what happens after Daniel and his friends have exclusive government positions.


The song at the end is Simple Prayer by Sam Cintron.

January 19

Daniel 2:24-49

Today we are in the Exile Stream and continue the exciting story of Daniel, aka Belteshazzar, solving Nebuchadnezzar’s dream challenge with help from the Lord. We will finish chapter 2 today and discuss the dream and eschatology.



January 12

Daniel 2:1-23

We are reading from the Modern English Version this week.

Today’s voyage will take us to the book of Daniel in the Exile stream. Last week Daniel and his friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego ate their vegetable diet instead of the meat and wine at the king’s table. Daniel and his friends are living out the prophecy that we have been reading in Isaiah. They are in the land of the Babylonians. But God is not done with Israel. He is still looking for hearts and minds who are willing to listen to Him. And that is what Daniel does.

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