January 27

Matthew 9-10

We have two more days in the New American Standard Bible for this week. We return to the Christ Stream in the book of Matthew chapters 9 and 10. Last week we left off after Jesus had healed the demon possessed man and sent the demon into the pigs…which was the first instance of deviled ham. That’s a joke. 😉 And now back to being serious…


January 20

Matthew 6-8

We are reading in the New Living Translation this week. Today we are in the Christ Stream and continue the Sermon on the Mount and more of Jesus’ ministry. What should we do about the kingdom, according to Jesus?


January 13

Matthew 4-5

Reading from the Modern English Version

Today we are cruising through two chapters of the book of Matthew. Last week we read through the genealogy of Abraham to Jesus, through His birth, and ended with His baptism.

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