April 12


Isaiah 55-59

We are in the Prophetic Stream as we read from the Lexham English Bible this week.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

55-56  God is talking and it is soothing for this first 21 verses.  All of 55 and the first eight verses of ch. 56 is about the work of God expanding and blessing and feeding and watering and including and welcoming more to himself. People are so satisfied and God is shepherding and elevating and assuring. The whole world is invited to come; to come be cared for and ministered to the way God has been reaching out to the Hebrews since Abraham’s day.

56:9 ff – from here to the end of today’s reading, the boom gets lowered and God is giving some of His final warnings.  It isn’t pretty stuff, and God will avenge upon those who are playing the Joker in God’s face. Have you ever seen a kid, a teenager per se~ who was raised in a well-to-do family.  As has been said about what can happen to these types (especially the unmentored), they were born in the palace, so they think they own the place though they’ve done nothing constructive from their beginning.  Well the leadership in Jerusalem is thinking they are blessed regardless and since they have the “inside track” to God, they can bend His rules as they please and God is just going to let this arrogance slide forever.  Well He isn’t.  God is going to cut loose on these men soon. They are blind, ignorant, selfish, stupid, gluttonous, and partying like plastered college sophomores and could not care less about anything; oblivious as well as careless.
57 – By this time Isaiah is calling everything what it is and Israel is acting no different than the pagans, heathens, the godless and satanic people all around them.  Even child sacrifice is going on! for shame!  Their behavior is approaching the bottom if not there already and it’s been there awhile.  It’s nauseating to even mention what is going on. The sin is generational by now and many don’t remember anything different, they don’t know anything is wrong.  Trying to point things out to these people is like lecturing skunks about bad odors. Prostitution is rampant and soon there will be nothing left before long.        Even with all this, God will receive back those who will repent . . . When will He have had enough and just smash the place ?  wow.
58 – What’s going on is corrupted justice, manipulation of the people, “cherry-picking” through the Law and obeying what makes them merely feel holy and having no actual concern for holiness.  God is pointing out their injustice, the brutalizing of each other, the judgmentalism.  God is ordering them to stop this. He wants them to come back to Him. He wants to bless them.  They still aren’t letting God love them however.  They seem to prefer to love themselves [as if they even knew how to!]. They’re singing “i’ll do it my way”
59 – This is the final chapter of this run; this litany of horrid problems with God’s people. Again God is well into a monologue of accusation: There’s blood on their hands, their feet chase evil, their thoughts are all wrong, there’s no justice, and the sinning is endless.  God still has a plan for His nation and it is a good one.  He is going to send a Redeemer to those who will come to Him and turn from sin.
God we can ask, “how can you keep loving these people?” And yet you do.  How can you and why do you keep reaching out to us? It’s better that we just say thank you and not question you. And so we thank you for loving us as we are and yet loving us too much to not Redeem us to better living and better service to you.  Thank you Lord.  Amen.

April 5


Isaiah 50-54

We are in the Prophetic Stream today. We will be covering the famous chapter Isaiah 53 as we read from the World English Bible this week.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, you serve and send The Savior.  It is truly you and your work for us that saves.  Keep us filled with faith and gratitude.  Bless you Lord,  Amen.

The theme of this section of scripture is that the LORD will serve His people; they will be redeemed and restored and The Servant of the LORD will aid and protect them in Zion. This idea has been seen scattered throughout Isaiah but the resumption of this thinking comes into full view here as this concept has been accumulating through Isaiah’s book.

50 – it begins with the nation in dismay, but God assures immediately they he can redeem from any situation. God has full control over nature, the LORD speaks, he gives us “ear to hear”, He helps, The Lord calls all to come to Him and trust Him – to stop trusting in their own plans; contrare~ plans that they think are going to be of any protection.
51 – These next two chapters are devoted to telling of Zion’s redemption and restoration. Judah would go into captivity in the future, but God’s plan for His own has never wavered. His commitment to Abraham and Sarah has not been down graded or altered in the least. God’s plan is endless – so listen to God, come to God, look to God, He will strengthen – but they needed to adorn themselves in Him. Remember ALL He has done!  He comforts and calms and liberates. The delirium that comes from disobedience is akin to drunkenness and need never be a problem to them again.
52 – This chapter is also pure wonderment.  It is the day of Zion’s triumph.  It’s so beautiful it is actually a song.  There’s no way to list all the great things God is up to and not simply recite the whole chapter –> again.  This is truly a song of happy days.  People who’ve sung “Our God Reigns” since for-ev-er may wonder where it comes from.  It’s from here! v. seven has the whole song within it.  The rest of the chapter is just as marvelous.
53 – The fascination of this chapter merely grows with time.  Isaiah told so many details about a Savior and he is describing Him 700 years before His arrival.  The details cannot be ignored or altered if one religions’ description of a Savior doesn’t match God’s. Some have tried to explain this chapter away as being some other person from some other era or to be someone who is coming yet in the future.  This chapter is Jesus and what He has done to heal, to forgive, and to save.
54 – The fascination here is that Zion is going to expand; expand in every way, the people, the land, the blessing, the dwellings, and the beauty; the adornment, the jewels, oh my!  It will all be the wonderful work of God.  The people of Zion have suffered, but God’s mercy and comfort and lovingkindness will prevail and ‘win the day’.  Zion will prevail in righteousness.

March 29


Isaiah 46-49

We are in the Prophetic Stream in the book of Isaiah today reading from the God’s Word Translation.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord God, do your work in us. May we serve you with our whole heart and allow ourselves to be blessed as you serve us through your Spirit,  Amen.

Pausing to look at the big picture, the northern Kingdom has been hauled off by Assyria and scattered.  This was, by now a generation or two prior.  Babylon is going to capture the south in about a century or so.  God is going to let Babylon seize Jerusalem and Judah/the southern Kingdom since they will not yield and obey God.  He makes it plain in the first section of ch. 46 that He has the whole picture in mind.

46 – Babylon, with their false gods is going to rule for a bit and execute their plans over Israel.  It’s almost like God is telling the Hebrews, “…So,you like dabbling with false gods, huh? Well guess where that will lead you… to being overtaken by a nation who really follows their false gods.  Let me know how you feel as false gods and their frothing followers bust into your homes, towns, and your whole lives!”  Isaiah has a skill for keeping the fate of the wicked ever in front of us, the Lord’s impatience with rebellion, HIS faithfulness that will redeem – these things continue to be juggled in the literature and we are reminded of them throughout Isaiah’s writing.  “I am God, and there’s no one like me.” is especially good in v. 9

47 – Babylon’s day is coming too. [remember we are looking about a century ahead] They have done their deeds against the Jews and here’s what’s next for them:  They will be thrown in the dirt, dethroned, stripped, driven away, destroyed, they will be widowed, bereft of children, their witchcraft will betray them, Babylon had been a refined and decorated culture, a powerful and wealthy Kingdom. But God is done with Babylon. Their deeds and behavior have come full circle (by the time this prophecy is fulfilled and they will be well on their way to being an archaeological site.)

48 – This chapter reads like a visit to an incarcerated person you knew when they were once free. God tells His children (while captive in Babylon) what they need to hear before they are to be released from Babylon.  People who are not reformed before they are freed again simply go back to what they were deviant in and perhaps are even worse in their ways.  But God has some beautiful and sobering reminders of what the destiny of His nation is. As they return, the Lord will teach them, and guide them, there will be worship.  And they must remember their LORD and follow Him and not stray again.  This ends Isaiah’s run of prophecies that have gone on for nine chapters simultaneously. The point being driven at is that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the God to go to for answers and direction.  The rest of the gods are false and lead people on the road to nothing.

49 – The thinking that encompasses 49-55 is the “Servant of God”.  The Messiah concept and the nation of Israel both feather together intermittently to reveal this truth. Messiah will come and serve God- Isaiah is saying this 650-700 years before Jesus arrives. And Israel’s role of serving God is ongoing.  The assignment for those who serve God is to come to God and bring others also who will serve Him. The Servant brings back the Tribes to God, he is also a Light to the nations.  The task of serving God and being served by Him involves faith, favor, salvation, freedom, supply, satisfaction and comfort.  The faithful will be brought to God, reunited like a family, This will be the mighty work of God