September 26

Psalms 146-150

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord we praise you for what you have done, for your mighty deeds, for your love for us. We indeed were born to praise you.  Amen.

The finale~ we read in the five final Psalms today are the “Halelujah Psalms”.  Each Psalm starts and finishes with “halelujah”.     It crescedoes into a rhapsody and a finish that hearkens to the end of history in Revelation 19:1ff. wherein we read of the arrival in heaven, experience the marriage supper, the elders fall flat and worship the King, a chorus of 100million angels burst into song and thousands of other things commence as the saints of all eras gather together for the first time in history to worship Christ Jesus.  It truly is going to be the greatest event ever.  In the meantime, the closest experience we can have to walking into heaven to see our Savior face to face is to worship Him now; to praise Him.  That is what “Halelujah” is…Praise The Lord – Praise to Our Lord.
146 – We declare and we pledge to Praise Our God Who Reigns as long as we live.  He is just and good and with the breath we are ‘loaned’ in this life, we will be praising Him with it.
147 –  All creation is called upon to praise God.  He builds His House. He gathers His own together. He comforts the wounded, as well as controls the cosmos, the earth and sky, all nature. Creation, in a sense worships Him. And we are called upon to worship Him the same.
148 – The heavenly host and all that accompanies them praises God!
149 – Let all grab their instruments and lift up their voice for God will execute judgment and righteousness against all adverse nations and kings who are against Him.
150 – everything that has breath is called upon to Praise the Lord.
i.e. we will be praise Him with our lives, all creation will praise Him, all of heaven praises Him, the skilled with instruments praise Him, everything that has breath praises Him.   P R A I S E   THE   L O R D

Let’s remember that heaven opens with a worship service. It does not commence with a Bible Study, an offering, a sermon, nor a prayer meeting.  All this was preparation for the finale~ of history and the commencement of eternity: it is and shall be a worship service. Worship is the best preparation for eternity. We best be worshiping now.

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