September 27

Ezekiel 8-11

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, when you speak, good heavens and oh my word, we want to be listening.  Amen.

8 – It was the year 592 B.C. in the ninth month – what we today have come to call ‘September’ – and Ezekiel has been a captive in Babylon for five years.  It is six years until Jerusalem is going to need to be ransacked and burned flat for the abomination and idolatry that is going on there at a feverish pitch – and all with the priests’ approval!  God is showing that He has had enough of the people in this city; this city that He called to be a Light for His purposes – a Light for the Gentiles.  They were wholly rebellious children of His and only a severest of severe punishments is going to work on them. They were worshiping the Canaanite fertility god Asherah, and the Babylonian fertility god Tammuz.  There were engaging in cultic Egyptian animal worship. They were doing sun worship, like what was going on in Japan after the Christian community was exterminated by the Shoguns centuries ago. The leadership of all this pagan revelry was being done by people who were once in alliance with the bible legends Josiah and Jeremiah … but they had gone bad and were quite committed to staying this way.  This is what Ezekiel was being shown in his vision of Jerusalem-gone-wrong!

9 – The vision continues giving clear indication that an angel is going to go through this same city and cut down; wholly slaughter without mercy all who are immersed in this rancid idolatry.  Those who do not approve and are grieved by the idolatry v.s. participating in it are marked and not to be harmed.  This is a keen foreshadowing of what we see in Revelation 14:1 where the faithful are marked and therefore shielded from calamity.
10 – The angel and vision of wheels and all the etc. that appeared adorning in this vision arises again in ch. 10.  My husband and I work in film in Hollywood and it staggers the mind to discuss, “how on earth would this be filmed?! What graphics would be employed? There are eyes on wheels, there are hands right under wings filled with coals of fire that are being cued to burn a city turned apostate!” And y’wonder if the feathers would burn from the wings.  Oh well, back to the vision! [Excuse me please].  But as we know and have read earlier this year, Jerusalem was burned by these torching Babylonians in 586 B.C.  It was burned again to ashes in A.D. 70 by Romans.  Because of these events, there’s an ordinance in Israel clear to today that houses must be built of non burnable material. But all this being said, Jerusalem is going to be burned. God is giving the vision about this.  It kind of sounds like the rebellious, murderous, idolaters, Satanic, and the fearful being thrown into the Lake of Fire in Rev. 20:14-15&Rev. 21:8.
11 – The final part of this vision is that the gavel is going to fall on the evil rulers in Jerusalem.  They know better but they think it’s more exciting to go astray than to follow the God of Abraham in the area that God dedicated to the worship of Himself in His holy Temple. And those derelict leaders do not care how many are slain because of their instigating bad religion. So the leaders are going to fall, the city is going to be judged, the people will be exiled and humbled.  Then God is able to work with these people, to gather them to Himself and His purposes. They will have His Spirit, His heart …
Ezekiel is then taken back from his vision and begins to tell the exiles what he has seen.  Man-oh-man, this had to be an awe-inspiring story time around the campfire with “uncle Ezekiel”!

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