December 12

Ecclesiastes 7-12

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, thank you that we can learn from others’ lives/words/teachings/writings; from those who are spent their lives doing their best to leave wisdom to us. May we learn and grow because from this we have heard today. Amen.

07 –  Solomon’s proverbs continue along with his assessment that life (by its worldly self and apart from God) is an endless pursuit of … who knows what. He opens with a great call to sobriety and grave interspection, to realize that our appointment with death is looming. He reminds us to wisely manage emotions and money, and to accept the lot that God dealt us with. The best plan in life (all things considered) is to live wisely. Accept human frailty and understand that people’s loyalty is always under question. Consider yourself fortunate to not get tangled up with women (that’s plural, guys!) God created us to be virtuous, though we have long forgotten it.

08 – There is great truth in wisdom and great need for wisdom also. It is best to simply obey those in authority over you – keep in mind Solomon is saying this from the top of the heap, btw. Any leader knows the stress of subordinates who will not do what is asked of them. It is wise to take pause in one’s assessment and observation of good and evil. i.e. resolve to not be evil. Some are evil and think they will “skate on thru forever” and go unrebuffed – don’t be fooled!  All in all: you’re here so enjoy your family, your friends, your food, yourselves, and realize that you are under an omniscient God.
09 – He’s said it before but Solomon again reminds us to be assured that our days are numbered and no one is leaving this earth alive. Be good because God wants for this for us; He planned for it. Don’t expect “good boy” coupons because the good also suffer along with the bad. And don’t act all apalled when the good suffer in life. Everyone suffers. As for the one you married, live joyfully with them. They are a reward to you. And know that wisdom can preserve just about anything. Live wisely – for everyone’s benefit, whether you are thanked for it or not. And know that no one will appreciate your poverty: so do what you must to not be in poverty (or loud-mouthed or a Sinner)
10 – The trouble involved with foolish living is endless, so don’t be a fool. And in life, brace yourself for manifold ironies: work is necessary, but be alert to danger. Use only the best tools. No one is impressed when you do otherwise. Always and only speak wisely. And like we told our children, “don’t decide what the truth is, find out what the truth is. False assumptions will get you utterly lost.”  Laziness, drunkenness, irresponsibility – DON’T or you’ll end up in a shoddy house! Guard your thoughts, guard your words – because they will get out somehow.
11 – ship your goods out – you’ll get paid. Get going now – don’t wait until things are perfect. Plant many investments. Enjoy each day – for God did it. Let the elderly enjoy themselves. As for your youth, appreciate it …and yet know that your youth is a passing gift.
12 – Youth is not to be wasted in a craze. God is not just a ‘last resort’ for the old.  God is for all of your life, since He gave you your whole life. So remember your God each step; start to finish. In conclusion, be teachable, honor God and obey what He commands.

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