April 23


Exodus 12-14

We covering the 10th plague today in the World Stream. We are reading from the International Standard Version this week.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Holy Holy holy, Lord God Almighty – we just want to sing to you as you have done the mightiest of mighty deeds on behalf of your children. Thank you God for standing in defense of us too. Teach us to trust in you who fights for us. Take us to your place of rest.   Amen.

The tenth plague was coming and it required preparation for the Israelites.  Egypt would not recover from this plague.  It would break the Pharaoh and he would want Israel gone. They didn’t know if 10 plagues was the end of it, or if more and more were coming – so they would finally resolve to have Moses go and take his people with him.  The firstborn from every Egyptian home were to die the night of Passover. The details are explained and the Israelis follow them “to a T”. Compliance is deathly important here. Sacrificing a perfect lamb, putting blood over the doorposts and lintel of each home, the unleavened bread… this is all intriguing symbolism of a Savior who would be coming some 14 centuries later!

The LORD went through Egypt at midnight, struck all firstborn dead – including animals and the grief was unbearable. It had been roughly a year from the first plague of blood to this final one.  The Israelis were ordered, by a grieving and horrified Pharaoh, to go and do their worship as they please. The “parting gifts” sent them away with immense wealth.  It got the ‘nation of Israel’ off to a good financial start to say the least.  They left and the Exodus had begun. The Passover had been eternally instituted for the Jews, Egyptian slavery years were behind them. 430 years had passed since their arrival.  70 went down there and now millions were leaving! What a sight. The greatest event of the ancient world was in process.
13 – The Passover was then established for all time. The consecrating of the first born was ordered (a little easier to be on God’s side and not have the death of the firstborn, isn’t it?) The dedication of the firstborn would never change for them. The Festival of Unleavened Bread is established. All these matters are so they would REMEMBER what God has done.  We take communion as often as we do today, why? So we wouldremember Jesus’ body given for us…the sacrificial Lamb. The march out of Egypt had begun and God guided them precisely where they needed to go. Joseph’s bones were brought along with them as Joseph ordered in Genesis 50:25 “400 years” prior.
14 – God gave Moses some epochal advice that explains Moses calm and direct leadership during this hurricane-level-5-historical event. Pharaoh changes his tune again and the whole army launches to go after the Israelis and retrieve them. As they draw close, the fear in the hearts of the newly freed slaves is beyond frightening.  Moses’ word at this juncture is the best of the best. “The Lord will fight for you while you keep still.”  The cloud and the fire commence and would be their guides for 40 years.  The fire-defense of the Israeli’s that God puts forth is awesome as He parts the waters of the Red Sea.  The Israelis pass through the Sea, the Egyptians drown. The Exodus is complete and a nation is bewildered and filled with tremendous respect for Moses and a holy fear of the LORD.
Well, that’s something y’don’t see every day.

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