December 13

Ezekiel 41-43

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Dear Lord, we learn so much as we study and ponder your Temple. It is overwhelming that we, your temple, are your favorite prize and first place where you wish to be reverenced. And so we do. In Jesus Name,  Amen.
The vision of the rebuilt Temple that began in last week’s Prophetic Stream continues here. This Tempe Theme occupies Ezekiel 40-48.  It is a vision that the prophet Ezekiel wrote of from 572-570 B.C.  Keep in mind that the Temple that Solomon built had been r-a-z-e-d to the ground just 14-15 years prior. The Temple described in these chapters was proportionate to Solomon’s.  According to the consensus of evangelical thinking, this Temple is clearly a mark of the Messianic Era.  Will it be what ‘goes up’ in the millennium? This podcast is to tell you what is in the Bible – not what to think, so you can look up the various perspectives. It’s a super quick hunt on internet search engines these days so you can do that during a free moment later today.  You could also type “Ezekiel 40-48” on the YouTube search bar. There are nearly a dozen videos that could prove to be helpful.  It’s certainly an issue of intrigue as The Holy Spirit keeps this discussion alive for 25-26 centuries and counting.

41 – Ezekiel is shown the sanctuary of the Temple. Its parts are measured and described. We read of it’s walls, the terrace it was built upon, adjacent structures, the paneling, decoration/artwork, doorways, carvings

42 – What is described in this chapter is mostly the area that pertains to the Priests, their duties, outfits, and the obligations they had regarding offerings. We trust the videos will help you visualize what is being talked about. Remember, Ezekiel was shown the Temple in a vision. He didn’t hear words in a monologue, he saw the Temple, so you will have an easier time seeing what this passage is saying if you scroll a few videos as mentioned above.
43 – Ezekiel sees the glory of the Lord shining and the Lord speaks.  It’s clear His intent is to reveal Himself, but He cannot manifest in the presence of idols and mixed motives among those He intends to minister to and love. How would we be doing if upon visiting our child at college (and we were paying the tuition bill) if we come visit them on campus for their birthday and their dorm room was now a mini Mosque, they were growing and selling and smoking marijuana, they had moved in with a cheap lover, were teaching Ouija and Wicca at a Coven near campus, they were covered with tattoos, declared they had quit Christianity and and and…
  1. Would you bless that?
  2. Be happy with their new expression?
  3. Would you keep paying for their schooling?

Hopefully, you say “No, no, NO!” We are this way in our sentiments because God is.   Lastly God gives the measurements/dimensions for the altar and the sacrifices to make so to be accepted unto God.  Like the Tabernacle in the wilderness, like the Temple that Solomon built, so it is with this new Temple to be rebuilt – God was not going to blurt out, “oh just slap something together. You know I’m not too fussy, it’s just the heart and positive thoughts that matter to me.  No. God gets things right and wants us to be doing things right too.

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