April 20


Hosea 5:1-6:10

We are in the Exile Stream today reading from the Good News Translation.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, we find ourselves in a world today that is increasingly ungodly; ungodly just like the people we hear people Hosea addressing.  Teach us how to reach out to a population that is encouraged to go bad.  Let us be Light in the darkness and live effectively to see people come to you.  Amen.

5 – The people of Israel; the northern kingdom are intent on doing wrong all of them top to bottom Priests, the king, the population and I mean ALL the people are in sin.  The leaders are particularly culpable for leading the nation into idolatrous rebellion and God is going to punish the whole lot of them. They’re so ill-bent on doing wrong God talks that He doesn’t even want them to come and worship in the state they are in.  They are in such a bad way they are unable to repent.  This is bad; really bad. God has had enough of these people.  God is also disturbed how Israel and Judah have turned on one another. God is about to abandon them and let them suffer for awhile.  Maybe they will “listen” to the suffering and repent ….?

6 – The people are utterly dark and seem to have no idea how far they have fallen, nor how idolatrous they are, nor how disobedient they are.  They have been aggressively idolatrous for about two centuries and they think that acting religious and making sacrifices is going to cover for all the wretchedness and murder and their national commitment to stay this way; phony, double-minded and sinful.  Think of this: these people are more interested in managing [and feeding] their sin than finding their God and walking with him.  It’s astonishing.

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