September 11

I Chronicles 13-17

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

13 – the ark is brought back from it’s time among the Philistines. It was a joyous reunion. Perhaps they were a tad too joyous in transport.  ‘Nothing wrong with excitement, but let’s get it settled first and then get all wound up in worship. By the way, if you’re never seen a Hebrew celebration, you need to. My husband finished college in Jerusalem 30+ years ago and he says it’s the first time he’s seen a senior citizen do the splits in mid-air! At any rate, there was a gentleman “Uzzah” who paid dearly for touching the ark. His dubious assignment of guarding the ark without getting too close got him removed from the earth. It’s an unfortunate warning that had to take place. This was a memo to not turn the Ark into a tourist piece. How many famous carvings/art pieces have you visited in life where the nose or some protrusion is rubbed completely off because all the tourists need to rub it just to say they touched it? An unfortunate reality about travelers. Plymouth Rock is over 90% gone because everyone wanted a piece of it. Eternal Memo: DON’T TOUCH The Ark of The Covenant.  I think this was mentioned before – if y’aren’t supposed to touch something like the Ark, what was Uzzah doing less than an arm’s length away from it? And as for the blessing upon Obed Edom’s house, honor God’s Commandments and watch your  house get blessed too.

14 – David’s wives grow in number as do his children. The Bible doesn’t laud this, it simply notes it. In doing this David created a weak spot in his character that got him hooked via the Bathsheba incident which led to irreversible chaos in his kingdom. Nonetheless, he is king and God used him to greatly establish the nation of Israel.  His exploits against the attacking Philistines are very noteworthy. The reading we went through last week told of the mighty men and acts of valor done by David’s soldiers. We read about it before these latest battles. But the Philistines found out about it … after taking a tremendous beating!
[I.e.  Fight a movement that God is in and pay severely]
15 – The process of bringing the Ark to Jerusalem is far more particular and stringent than any parade preparation we ever hear of. If your float doesn’t win in the Macy’s Parade of the Rose Parade, you don’t get a ribbon. If you don’t get it right in this parade, you don’t go home – you get carried home =>and then buried!  And not for nothing gentlemen, YOU are to transport the Ark – not an ox, for heaven’s sake. They had to get it right this time. The preparation, the thousands involved, the music, the Spirit behind all this is Amazing. David is overwhelmed in worship. As for Michal; we better get this spiritual note from God himself: Resentment for worship carries a painful pricetag.  II Samuel 6 reminds us what happened to Michal for scolding the king. She is struck infertile.
16 – The Ark is in place. The worship leading is entrusted to Asaph and relatives. [12 of the Psalms are titled and attributed to Asaph]. The opening worship is sung. The rhapsody is immense as each has his task smartly assigned to execute. The marvelous blessing over Israel is what God has wanted to do for them all along. It ends, “then they all went home. And David went home to bless his family.”  Would you like to have the King come home to the palace and bless you? Remember that as we worship The One True God of Heaven, we are David’s family.
17 – King David mentions the issue to Nathan the Prophet that he is living in a cedar home while the Ark is in a tent —> this was bothering David.  It bothers him because he honors the Lord God over himself.
[Many are not bothered today that they live in a posh home yet attend church in a frumpy building.]
And David raises the matter because he wants to do something about it.  He was a great warrior King who brought in Israel’s greatest days. But he wanted to build the Temple too.  Now Theologically speaking, each Bible hero is assigned a task. Abraham receives the greatest calling of all time. Jacob is the embodiment of it being named Israel, Joseph preserves the family through famine, Moses takes them to freedom out of Egypt, Joshua takes them into the Promised Land though the task doesn’t get finished for 400 years…   Here’s David that wants to add a task to his calling.  It is not to be.  Solomon, his son, will build the Temple.  The exchange between God to Nathan to David and David accepting the Word from God is a wondrous moment in biblical history.  No kicking and pouting or back talk. Just humble submission and more worship. This is why David is the man after God’s own heart. This is why he is forever blessed.

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