September 7

Micah 7

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord Jesus, come quickly for we long to see you do right and have there be justice and righteousness on the earth. Amen.

Micah is in his usual mode dealing with everything moral and spiritual high-and-low between Death Valley and the top of Everest.

This man must have been a vigorous gent’ to be around if his energy level day to day was anything like his writing style.

7 – Getting right into his final chapter, he eviscerates Israel for centuries of shabby management on every level.  There’s no food on the vines or trees.  There are no godly people.  They are wholly evil. They plot, scheme, and steal, and murder. Yeesh, the people are carrying on like baboons in the wild turning on each other.  You’d have an easier time hugging a porcupine than dealing with these people! The day of trouble is right upon you people in the north. And when it comes, you will not be able to look to anyone for a trustworthy remedy – not even in your own home.                   But Micah still has faith!
Then a clear warning is given against those who would be elated to see Zion get run over by marauders.  Yes, Jerusalem has a day of reckoning coming for its disobedience but it will not be the end of the Hebrews or of Jerusalem as the city of God’s special dwelling.  Granted, there is a difficult; very difficult season the Hebrews are going to need to get through with the 70 years of captivity, but a return from exile shall come. Jerusalem shall be rebuilt, and her enemies are going to experience a wasting that is going to hurt and be their end.
Micah then closes his book with a vision of the glorious future when the promises of God are all fulfilled; the promises made to Abraham are realized and a right rule is upon the earth.  Miracles will abound as the enemies of God are silenced and humiliated.  God will show all His great attributes toward His own.  What a wonderful time to dwell unimpeded in God’s love, forgiveness, faithfulness and delight.  Bring it on, God. Bring it on.

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