September 10

Numbers 15:22-18

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

15:22ff – when unintentional sins are committed there is still guilt to deal with. That is a rule of the world that applies. Many people die and always have for ignorance of physics. A child cannot protest about a burnt hand because they were not aware that fire burned skin. It’s all unfortunate that thousands of traffic tickets get written daily because someone is driving in a different-than-home city and doesn’t know the local rules. This doesn’t let them off. Politicians may claim that they should be allowed to slide because they didn’t violate anything intentionally.  No one else gets to make this fallacious claim.

-the assertion of the Sabbath rule may appear harsh but it had to be reiterated. Whole societies become ill for working 7-days a week. It isn’t healthy and God will not permit it.
-the tassel concept may seem a cute thing but God just wanted them to remember … it worked.
16 – The issue here is rebellion. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and must be obliterated. It should never be allowed. They are complaining ultimately in a way that would not be happening if they had already proceeded into the Promised Land like God had already invited/urged/ordered them to go, but they rebelled there and whined and wouldn’t go in. God must have been saying “what do you jokers want from me?” They had to go or the whole community would have been corrupted and the children permanently warped beyond spiritual recovery. So God did some cleansing that day.  This purging of rebellion preserved a nation.
17 –  The budding and producing staff of Aaron’s is God reminding them again to listen to Moses and Aaron.  God spoke to Moses and Aaron would speak for Moses. This was instituted a while back and God did not changed His mind. This was God telling them for the how-manyTH time just follow, obey and don’t complain.  God is this way and He made us this way. What do you feel like doing about the complainers in your neighborhood? at your school? in your family? at your job?  Yeah, right, you’d like to hose them off and/or throw them outside. Complain blurs and blunts even blocks the progress of anything.  So let’s all stop the complaining and let God take us to where we are meant to be spiritually and in every other way.
18 – the gravity and tenants of the priestly service are told. This is a serious matter. If faith is not taken seriously and taken so to the core, then eventually (and sooner than some may think) nothing else is taken seriously. We see the crumbling of societies right before our eyes today of lands that took their Christendom much more seriously than they do now. They are paying the consequences for it.
And as for the contributions – they needed to be handled very responsibly. Percentages and proportions were to be strictly followed. They are accounting for God; for God’s sake.  They can’t be acting like the governments of the world that are habitually wasting trillions and trillions.

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