October 27

John 6:25-7:24

We are in the Christ Stream reading from the Easy-to-Read Version.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord God, we dine upon you, we are fed by your son and satisfied by His Life in us.  Amen.

6:25ff – Bread was quite the discussion after Jesus had just miraculously fed thousands.  What is going on as word is spreading about Jesus like wildfire, is that people are thinking that Jesus is going to make a marvelous king. In a war there is never going to be a supply line problem because food shortages during battle are a non issue since Jesus makes food in His hands.  And as for the wounded in battle, Jesus can simply heal with a touch. There is no down-time waiting for a young man to heal up again. Once news of Lazarus spreads (chapter 11) it is a delirious movement – they want him to be king and be king now!  Back to bread.  Jesus uses the hunger, the feeding, the follow up questions as a wondrous teaching method.  Remember, bread was an obsession.  It was the main part of the diet along with grapes and olives. The bread was sustenance, the grapes were energy, the olives were health.  Jesus goes to great lengths to explain that HE was good and that He was going to satisfy the hunger of those who had ears to hear and hearts after God.  The reception received a myriad of different responses as Jesus was alluding to a communion that was coming.  For the secular and the temporal minded, Jesus words were disgusting, a great disappointment at least (they wanted the ‘free bakery’ to stay open). For the casual observer, it confused them. For the disciple, it was merely cause for further explanation and discipleship. Jesus’ bread explanation truly became a dividing line issue. Much of the crowd that had covered the countryside departed at this point.
7 – Much of the chapter is building for a teaching moment that is going to take place in Jerusalem.  Jesus’ disciples, especially the ones who were his brothers, wanted Him to get to Judea (the religious capital) and really show off His miraculous skills.  The circular memo to kill Jesus had gone around plenty and the leaders were getting nervous in Jerusalem; nervous in their need to get rid of Jesus.  So, … Jesus could be in danger [gee, y’think so?] were He to go there again. So He opted to send His disciples ahead and He would arrive alone with no great announcement or fanfare.  This way He could better pull off an incognito visit.  He was there 18 months prior and the leaders were very angry about his healing at Bethesda in John 5.  By now it’s October 28 A.D., btw, and it was going to be another six months before the Calvary crucifixion.  For what it’s worth, that was in the Spring/April; during Passover 29 A.D.  We’ll leave that for you to look up/search the errors in the Gregorian Calendar that started in the 600’s A.D. and was fine tuned more than a millennium later.  There’s that and the Julian calendar …. it’s another whole set of research.  Back to Jesus’ final six months.  He is soon found in the Temple area and here comes another brilliant lecture that blesses the simple and reveals the evil plans of the leaders.  The crazy-Jesus accusation flies as soon as he points out their obvious agenda to them and the public!  Kind of like trying to have constructive dialogue with a life-long politician isn’t it?  Jesus further points out their extensive man made laws that they claim are from God.  And you have to appreciate Jesus’ ability to spotlight that they reverence Moses but don’t obey what he wrote for them to obey.
Comparing these two chapters makes it clear that it is better to dine with Jesus than to argue with Him, isn’t it?

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