July 12


Jeremiah 33-35

We are in the Prophetic Stream using the New American Standard Bible this week.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord we heard your astonishing prophecy to restore and return gloriously with your people one day – for Jerusalem to be inhabited by a blessed and chosen people.  We believe that for us still today – that we are destined for the New Jerusalem.  Amen.

33 – Here we are into the second half of Jeremiah and it is good to remember that Judah was a tribe and a nation that enveloped Jerusalem.  There was right about 400 years between David ruling there and Babylon breaking in to burn the city flat and haul Judah away in exile.  There were 20 kings in that 400 year period and most were bad men.  So how can there be a line of David that rules forever? how can there be any good news at all when the leaders were derelict most of the time?  Still Jeremiah declares that God intends to heal and restore Judah…and Israel to the glory God intended. God will bring wealth and peace and abundance to them.  ‘Hard to see that indeed with enemies at the gate, and it’s hard to believe that when the city’s destined to be laid to waste and consequently desolate for several decades.  Nevertheless, life SHALL return to Judah.  It has been prophesied.            And it is stated for reiteration that there is a leader from the line of David who will come; He is the Righteous Branch.  He will be bring justice and it will affect the whole earth.  He is 28 generations following David as his 26th (generation) grandson.  The family line is listed and counted in Matthew 1 if you care to brush up on this.

34 – The prophecy here against Zedekiah is unfortunate.  He was told that Babylonians were a force too powerful to resist so just submit to exile and go without fight or flight.  He was also told to declare the slaves set free here before the siege upon Jerusalem actually happens.  The slaves’ owners did this … and then took them all back in disobedience to scripture and the current prophecy.  This was wrong and Zedekiah was passive about it offering no rebuke to those who owned servants.  Zedekiah later disobeyed the Lord when Jerusalem was being sacked.  He was a poor diplomat, poor king, poor leader, and poor servant of the Lord.  He paid for it severely (his imminent capture is one of the worst vignettes~ in the Bible, btw.)
35 – Jeremiah points out and employs the Recabite people in a live illustration put forth before the Judeans.  The Recabites were people who had committed to live in tents v.s. dwellings and to not do the normal things of engaging in agriculture, growing vineyards, making and drinking wine.  They were still committed to refraining from alcohol as their ancestors had decreed.  Their resolve is revered as spiritual obedience.  This contrasted against the contemporary Judeans make for a teaching moment that had serious teeth to it.  The Recabites had their commitments and honored God this way.  Whereas virtually all the Judeans were base and committed only to their impulse to live sinfully.

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