July 13


Amos 6-7

We are in the Exile Stream reading from the New American Standard Bible this week.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, let us be sober and vigilant for righteousness and warn others to walk in righteousness also.  Amen.

6 – The people are living like the finest, enjoying the finest of the fine: food; marvelous food, banquets while ivory lined their palaces, and they are listening to stringed music and sipping wine and they couldn’t care less than they do about what is right or the spiritual health of their debauched nation. These people of the northern kingdom are similar to the super rich in first class that rode the Titanic Feb. 1912 on its maiden voyage to a freezing grave – oblivious of the pure nightmare that was closer than they wanted to realize.  The bones of Samarians would become the sight and the landscape. Palaces were about to be smashed. They had poisoned everything that God had done good with them starting from centuries ago and soon they would be heaved onto the scrap-heap of history. It is going to be awful.

7 – Yet Amos still cared.  The Lord was sending locusts to strip Israel – but Amos interceded for the Israelites and God relented keeping the locusts off their crops.  The same happened with a judgment by fire when Amos prayed and God did not.  Then a plumb line is used to measure Israel … for destruction. God will not show mercy or be pleaded with anymore.  Israel has pushed and pushed back and “banged on the NO ENTRANCE door” long enough. Israel is going to be dealt with by the sword of Assyria. Amos is basically scolded by the king of the north to take his disconcerting words of prophecy elsewhere.  For that Amaziah is going to see his family ravaged…then they will be gone.  It’s a sad avenue that sin takes a nation down isn’t it?

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