July 11


Psalm 90-95

We are in the Wisdom Stream reading some of the psalms of Moses. We are using the New American Standard Bible this week.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord Jesus, increase our faith and let us triumph in you.  Thank you God.  Amen.
Psalm 90 – is likely one of the first Psalms ever written since it was written by Moses who was 400 years prior to David. There are numerous Rabbis that attribute Psalms 91-100 to Moses as well.  90 is about our eternal God and his attributes, His being the source behind all that is created. Moses is also musing that our lives are short and laborious so we best take stock of our lives and weigh them against the passage of time; “teach us Lord to number our days…” is a rather famous biblical verse we are wise to employ in our planning. Moses wisely asks that our temporary lives be assessed against our Eternal God so that our lives tally to amass some significance.  We are not wise to launch out on our own.
91 – The best thing to say about Psalm 91 is “read it again.”  It has been the comfort to billions of believers, missionaries in peril, the lost and abandoned, the pilgrim going through the valley of the shadow of death.  Better than commenting on it a length, we’ll just repeat the first sentence: read Psalm 91 one again.  It is the sterling Psalm of Trust in God.
92 – This is a wonderful Psalm reminding us to sing and worship and be thankful to God, to make music unto God.  Those who worship Him will join Him eternally.  And, on the converse, the opposite is also true.  There is no end to the manifold blessings of making sure our lives are attached, secured and rooted in righteousness attributed to the Lord of Heaven.
93 & 94 are both about the majesty of God.  The Lord He reigns. Nothing can drown Him out. He is greater and mightier, for His words are true and holy.   Yes, there is wickedness among men for their deeds and lives are wicked. This is who they are in their stupidness.  But they will all pass in a flash like a morning mist.  The righteous can rely on the Lord to be their refuge, strength and stronghold.  The wicked need not be feared or regarded for they will be destroyed.
95 – This is ecstatic in its reminding and urging us to Praise our God.  To sing and rejoice and kneel before Him in worship.  The earth is great and He is our God and we are His children resting in His Hand.  There is warning to not rebel or be faithless like those in the wilderness who were turned away from the Promised Land.  Let’s remain faithful to our God.

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