August 22

Psalm 118:1-88

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord God, we are grateful for your Word that you given to us.  Amen.
There are 22 sections to Psalm 119 and each one is marked by the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  This was a catchy way of writing out this Psalm.  We do this all the time in our language especially when attempting to teach children.  A is for ant, B is for butterfly, C is for cat and so on. It adds intrigue and makes for the nouns and concepts to be learned more readily.  The topic of Psalm 119 is the word of God: it’s endearment to us and it’s application for us.   Here’s a brief review of vv. 1-88 by letter, just to refresh before closing the reading today.
Aleph – to be truly happy, walk in the Law of the Lord, wholeheartedly seek Him, follow Him, and keep His statutes before us.
Bet – Keeping God’s Law keeps us on course, and keeps us holy before Him.  So speak His Law, and cherish His Ways, and keep the mind upon God
Gimel – Be asking God to open our eyes, to be and remain our guide. “Lord, we really want to abide in you and not be subject to wrong voices.”
Dalet – The Word; what God has told us actually keeps us, revives us, teaches and sustains us.  We commit to His Word and He sustains us
He – His Law makes us want Him even more. It gives understanding and guidance and turns our desire toward what is aright for our souls. His Law delivers us from shame and insults.
Vav – trusting His word surrounds us with Love. It grants us justice and security. We testify before Kings as we are solely committed to His Commands and Statutes.
Zayin – God’s Word to us is comfort, and security, and consolation.  Lord we sing to you, and remember your Name and will keep your Laws.
Khet – In your Law is security and favor. It is the one thing we can rely upon and therefore we will hang on to you regardless. You comfort us always. There is great fellowship in You.
Tet – Your Law gives discernment. It keeps us on path, and anchors us amid the hostility of people who ridicule.  Your Law is greater than any riches.
Yodh – Your Law makes us greater in character, gives us discipline, love, compassion, and delight.  Your Love and Law for us calls for our focus upon You.
Kaf – Your Law and Your Word keep us and protect us through great trials and suffering. Even though tempted to flee from you we keep your precepts for Your Love revives us.

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