August 2

Jeremiah 42-45

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord you are true to your servants.  Help us remember this and remain your servants.

42 – The remaining Hebrews in Judah after Jerusalem was burned were frightened because the person that Babylon had put in charge; Gedaliah had been killed. WE read this last week.  These Hebrews that were concerned didn’t do it but they were skeptical that Babylonians would specifically confuse them with the assassins and they’d get a misplaced ‘spankin’ they’d rather not get.  While planning to escape for Egypt they sought a prophetic word from Jeremiah. He got word from the Lord that they should not go to Egypt…–> It would mean extinction for sure.  And Jeremiah made it abundantly clear to forget going to Egypt in search of safety.

43 – Yet Jeremiah and Baruch are forceably taken to Egypt by the the military leaders who objected to Jeremiah’s prophecy and God’s Word to stay put in Judah.  In Egypt God gave another prophecy to Jeremiah that didn’t paint a rosy picture for the area in Egypt where the Judeans were hiding.  Interesting that they don’t want to and will not listen to Jeremiah who has spoken for God all these years. So they resent him, and yet they pack him down to Egypt with them as if he were a knap-sack of some sort.  Strange people he is trying to share God with aren’t they?  They have lacked legitimate leadership.
44 – Then Jeremiah and the people had a heated dialogue back and forth as Jeremiah pleads with them to cease the idolatry.  They were engaging in offerings to Babylonian gods and incense and sacrifices. The main god they were honoring was “Ishtar” a Babylonian queen/god who endorsed immorality.  Judean families living in Egypt were in collusion and approving of the wrong-doing.  Not for nothing, Ishtar is the title of a 1987 movie filmed in Morocco and it seems to be oddly dubbed “worst movie of all time” by consensus.  The Babylonian god Ishtar was no better than this foolish movie!  Jeremiah is warning them for what seems like the last time that there will be horrible punishment for worshipping Ishtar; called Queen of Heaven in this version of the Bible.  The Judeans are ebullient and will not yield from their sinful resolve.

45 – The passage here is not within timeline.  Jeremiah {written by Baruch; his scribe) has a style for writing this way.  Baruch was a prominent character and he is being encouraged by Jeremiah to not be overwhelmed by the attitude of the people, for they are/will be removed from God’s sight. Baruch is assured that he is to simply keep eyes and ears to God – no one else.  For God is going to remain true to Baruch.

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  1. Thank you, Serena and Travis, for your faithfulness in opening up the scriptures for us. For your guided prayers after each scripture reading and especially for the revelation knowledge shared about the Word each day.
    Be encouraged that you are making a difference for the Kingdom.
    Continued blessings to you both.

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