August 1

Psalm 106-107

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, we hear you.  Your words and blessings to us ARE our lives.  They are also why we are alive.  Amen.

106 – is a continuation of 105 that gave a mindful  rundown of God’s true nature in bringing Abraham to Canaan clear to (600 years later) bringing Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt.  This Psalm continues the tale yet it has a dissonant twist in that it tells of God’s faithfulness amid the Hebrews unfaithfulness.  It didn’t take them long to forget about God’s miracles preserving them through the 10 Plagues, the rescue at the Red Sea, He gave the 10 Commandments to preserve them – and they are busy playing party animal (Exo. 32).  They don’t want to walk with God and yet are jealous that Moses is walking closely with God. [they’re nuts!]  They make a golden calf, they won’t enter the Promised Land, they complain like whiney brats, they worship Baal, fail to drive out the pagans, they follow Molech; and other idols.   43ff sums up: “again and again He rescued them, and yet they chose to rebel against the Him … even so He pitied them in their distress and listened to their cries … because of His unfailing love.” Psalm 106 tells of another slant on God’s unfailing love. To step back and meditate on this, the observant is led to ask, “why would anyone leave this God and walk away from Him?”

107 – This is the initial Psalm of the fifth division of Psalms; Book V.  It runs from 107 to Psalm 150; the last one.  107 deals with God’s wonderful dealings with people: He redeems, gathers exiles, rescues the destitute, satisfies the hungry/thirsty,    Even the imprisoned and rebellious who cry out to Him are wonderfully helped, as are those near death.
God works the seas, the winds, the waves. He can make a place fruitful or deserted [duh-ZER-ted] based on the character of the inhabitants. He blesses all those who are hungry for Him and for life. We would do well to take special note of the working of the hand of God in our world and in our lives and the interplay noted therein.  The secondary and obvious implication of all this is that God wants a relationship with us; His children and He will use extensive means to make this happen.

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