August 11

Luke 12:1-13:17

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, Keep teaching us for we are listening.  Thank you for being with us still – for being with us always.  Amen.

12 – Jesus began by teaching about the Pharisees.  He was flipping the sentiments of the area as people had been perceiving the Pharisees.  They followed them, paid them, honored and believed them, even revered them.  But according to Jesus, the Pharisees were NOT to be looked up to or believed.  Jesus made sure of it.  Next  -more than just being ashamed of Jesus or not – the issue is that HE IS the issue! Get in good with Jesus…Pharisees and their self importance is irrelevant.  They can no more get you to God than your pet hamster can.  Jesus doesn’t want any of his followers to be greedy; scrambling for cash like the rest of the world does – carrying on like the Devil to get rich won’t get you/anyone to God. Trust God = not money  And as for worry? It’s like a rocking chair at the edge of a cliff: it will give you something to do but it won’t get you anywhere AND you will be nerve-wracked-to-death until you get out of it and away from it.  Jesus’ admonition to be dressed and ready for service applies to all of us all the time. Have you ever met someone who was always preoccupied and unavailable? Churches are filled with people of whom 80% are “unavailable” 99% of the time. This is a fact, it is true, and it is wrong for so many folks to be this way. “oh, I can’t help at the church workday, I need to polish my turtles for the races at the fair. Oh, I can’t help in the nursery this month, my shoes are too tight – I’m retaining water and feeling insecure. oh, I can’t volunteer for the youth retreat, I’ll miss the first games of the playoffs.!” [heavens to betsy]  My husband and I have been involved in ministry for a combined 80 years and we have heard most every excuse in the solar system. But hear this: our excuses do not excuse us.  We are to be servants of the most high and faithful in all we are assigned.          Jesus remains theee dividing issue: two types of people in the world – those who love/commit/surrender to Him and those who don’t.  All other divisive issues are irrelevant.  Know the times, keep an eye on God and keep out of worldly trouble; avoid court.  Court stirs up very much and solve very little.

13 – In a chapter where the lead title says, “Change Your Heart” – the plot of the opening story is that terrible things are not going to stop being terrible and they are not going to stop happening.  So shift away from tabloid-like obsessions; and the school-brat-thinking assessments of everyone –> remain fixed upon your Savior.  Because you will be fruitful for me or you will be removed.
Next Jesus healed a woman who was bent and crippled from an evil spirit. The religious leaders were furious because he broke their personal and petty rules of doing nothing on the sabbath. Jesus’ reply left them in shame. Though the people LOVED Jesus “giving the business”.to the Pharisees.  We can tell that the population was oppressed and weary of the Pharisees invented and excessive Sabbath rules. Jesus had credibility because he had just healed someone so his words were authenticated and virtually impossible to argue with.  Words backed up by the power of God – there’s nothing quite so impressive and lasting.

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