September 1

Luke 18-19

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, you have taught us to pray. There’s enough learning here to practice praying for our whole lifetime.  Halelujah and amen.

18 – the lessons and life of Jesus are clear and wonderful as usual in this chapter.

Come to God: Never stop praying to God in heaven for what you want.    Come to God humbly and you will be heard and uplifted.    Come to me with a child-like heart.  Come to God as you are – not with favors in hand nor selfish plans nor anything. Come to me –> so you can know ME.
[REMEMBER: Jesus is going to be crucified, buried, and will rise again … He keeps saying that, but they didn’t want to really hear it or believe it.]
Come to God / plead if you must, and you will see. Follow Him and you will begin to really see.
19 – The Zacchaeus story is unique to Luke. Luke is pushing a few points here since all of them were pivotal for Luke and M,M,&L opted to zero in on other matters during this stop in Jericho.  First, Zacch. was very eager to see Jesus. He is wealthy and prominent, though not liked in the community, and he climbs a tree to see the Savior.  CPA’s don’t do this. Zacch didn’t care about appearances and seeming childish was less important to him than encountering Jesus so it was worth it.  Jesus picks up on this and goes to HIS house.  [?would you like that?!?]  And the day changes Zacch. When we just spend time with Jesus, it changes us. Zacch. is convicted about his extortion and pays back his ‘victims’ four times over and Jesus declares him to be saved.  Luke is very big on these themes: >>get to Jesus, >>meeting him is transformational, >>financial forthrightness is of God.                  There is one main matter we’ll ponder from the story of the three slaves  –> are we a good investment? Do we multiply for the Kingdom what God has given us? Let’s BE good investments for God, for there is no end to what He will invest in us if we will be a good investment.              Jesus’ entry into the city is a spontaneous event that led to hysteria of lauding Him for they thought He would appreciate this “election” to be their King.  He had every right to assume the title, from every possible angle of looking at one’s kingship.  But while they wanted a return to David and conquests, Jesus entered Jerusalem for a different reason.  He wanted them to get close to God and His sacrifice would make this a subjunctive reality; [accept His sacrifice as covering for them].  No one really grasped what was going on and….be that as it is, those who received Him to be the Savior understood it all later after Pentecost.  He wanted them to understand God so badly that day but … they wouldn’t.  Jesus wept over this unfortunate issue.
His clearing the Temple of the ‘bankers’ who were charging people to come pray changed the sentiment about Jesus in a New York Minute! (Should I say “in a Jerusalem minute?) The scammers, schemers, and religious manipulators spent the rest of the week watching and conjuring for ways to get rid of Jesus and getting the people’s focus back on them (so they could resume billing them for praying!)  But what were they to do? the people were entranced with Jesus . . . !  What’s coming has captured the lives and hearts of men for centuries …  because it set hearts free!

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