August 29

Psalm 119:89-176

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord of Abraham, Israel, Moses, and David:  Your Word is eternal – for what you say stands forever.  We stand on YOUR promises to keep us and what we commit to you for eternity.  Save us Lord.  Amen.
This was the second half of Psalm 119; the longest Psalm in the Bible.  We continue from last week using the last 11 letters of the Hebrew Bible to title each stanza which are eight-verses per section.
Lamedh – God’s Word is as eternal and present as God is faithful. The Word preserves us and is worthy of our obedience and our thoughts/minds to be upon them.
Mem – We love the Law of the Lord. It makes us wiser and keener than our peers and elders even. It keeps us from sin. It keeps us joyful – it is sweeter than anything.
Nun [noon]- The Word guides us and gives us resolve to remain on the right path. The Law keeps us aright and in safety, and will do so forever.
Samekh – your Word clears our mind and shields us, and gives stability as we call on Him. Our regard for the Law determines whether we are discarded or preserved.
Ayin – The Law gives us good sense. We seek YOU Lord – even when weary. There is goodness and love and learning and understanding in your Law. A love for the Law is greater than love for gold and it teaches us to despise sin.
Pe [pay]- There is wonder and light in your Law, thus we long to know more. In Your Law is mercy and right living and power to live right. We want to be free to obey even more. And oddly enough, Lord, your Law teaches us compassion for those who do not know or obey you.
Tsadeh – Lord, your Law is fair and right and trustworthy and true. We love your Laws. They are delightful. Help us understand them more so we may live!
Qoph [rhymes with ‘loaf’]- Lord, we want to obey your orders and keep your commands. They are more important than sleeping. You are in our thoughts through the night. Lord your Word will keep us from evil and evil people, for Your Word is eternal.
Resh – Lord, the suffering and the evil all around me, the attacks, all this only proves to me that I love your rules. Keep me alive according to your eternal Word and your rules that are forever right.
Sin/Shin [seen/sheen]- Though attacked by rulers, I revere your Word. I have joy and good fortune and praise-filled days because of Your Word. You give great peace and salvation and love to us
Taw [tahv] –  Lord, you hear our cry, we praise you as you teach us your orders. We follow your rules and you help us obey. You delight us and keep us going. Even when we feel lost, there is hope to return because we do not forget your commands.

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