September 21

Nahum 3

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord God, after reading this today, I guess there’s no other prayer but to pray that your Kingdom come and your will be done.  So be it. Amen.

This is about the Fall of Nineveh as Nahum completes his prophesy in our reading today.  The bloody, vicious, completely heartless and cruel city of Nineveh was about to be conquered forever; utterly ruined and not to rise again.  The prophets Zephaniah and Nahum have similar assignments and that is to testify against this den of robbers, liars, murderers, prostitutes, witches and warlocks.  God has flatly stated the He is against Nineveh. Once that statement is made – it’s over buddy. There is no reversing what is going to happen. Nineveh had the same attitude of other strong cities right before they were attacked, sacked, and possessions were hauled away.  All of Nineveh is going to fall. By f0ire and sword—-> the city is going to be emptied.  It will be like a garden after the locusts fly away stripping EVERYTHING. No one is going to be able to help you.  Nineveh’s diagnosis is fatal. There was hardly a citizen from any country in the whole continental area who hadn’t suffered from Nineveh’s vicious culture and reputation. ‘Ever watch those wild animal documentaries where the mighty ones chase the helpless ones and alligators are stalking the thirsty at the water’s edge? Well if people were animals, the Ninevites are the hyenas. They just loved to kill and steal, loved it!  So as these “hyenas” get their due the ‘whole world’ would be applauding.

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