November 21

Proverbs 27-29

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Dear Lord, you are so right. Wisdom is more valuable than fine gems.  Wisdom actually is the prize gem that we do well to be seeking. Give us YOUR wisdom, Lord.
Today is the last of the Proverbs directly attributed to Solomon.  Ch.’s 25-29 are Book Three.  Solomon really loads up on the observations that entail daily interaction and he provides sound advice on how to maintain such relationships properly.  There are myriad matters in society that affect us.  Solomon also spends a noteworthy amount of time observing and advising against foolishness, cc. encountering fools; and urging us to shun fools. Most of the comment today is a summary assessment of what we just read. It perceives the wisdom from another slant. Same truth heard from “a different seat in the auditorium” so to speak.

27 – Solomon reminds us to let others talk us up. Don’t you do it, it looks dumb. Foolishness, anger, jealousy – none of it’s good! For heaven’s sake be a stand up guy. Know when to go home. Be true with friends; don’t sell out. Don’t even be where there’s evil. Be courteous 24/7. Avoid bickering women. Let relationships make you better. Faithfully manage your property, your work, your world. Be realistic – be contented, be sober in your assessments. Honestly examine your heart. Don’t try to fix fools – they don’t want it. Keep inventory of your property and manage it so to be fruitful.

28 – The righteous, the law-abiding, those who understand, the just –> these souls are better off than the evil, the wicked, the crooked. Helping the poor is akin to lending to God. Those who lead people astray will be repaid accordingly. God wants candor and confession from us. It’s so much better when wicked oppressors are not in charge. Earn a true income and there is no guilt. When pursuing one’s bounty, be faithful, systematic, blameless, fair, patient, honest, trustworthy, wise, charitable. Those who seek wealth using different and devious methods will suffer.

29 – Let yourself be corrected. Righteousness leads to rejoicing – wickedness leads to groaning. Wisdom will please your family. Harlots will waste your wealth. In our cities there must be justice; not bribes and flattery, wickedness and scorn. Raging, cackling, tempestuous, violent fools bring no rest only turmoil. Falsehood will ruin a land. Wisdom and upright living guards life. Discipline and correction brings wisdom. Undisciplined children = chaos and shame.  Disciplined children bring strength and delight. Keep the law. Guard your speech. Know that anger, tantrums, and pride will take you down. When you ought to speak up, silence is lying. Put your trust in God and seek justice from Him, not man. Resolve to do right even though being righteous draws ire from the abominable, and the wicked.

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