July 28


Luke 9:18-10:24

We are in the Christ Stream reading from the New King James Version.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Luke 9:18ff – Today is a goldmine of lessons.  Here they are, itemized:

Peter’s landmark statement is basically, “God sent you”.  Anointed One = Christ

Peter was following Jesus because He knew God sent Him – He wasn’t following Him because Jesus was going to be crucified. But the reminder of te crucifixion comes right on the heels of Peter’s confession.
The Transfiguration; also in Mark 9, is an overwhelming memo to the “inside-3”; Peter/James/John that those who follow God never die and they never leave God
The next day when Jesus encounters a boy who gets seizures from a bad spirit that is harassing him, we get a statement from Jesus that many find troubling. “Oh faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you…?” It hits y’sideways but there is triple motivation in Jesus’ words if we let them sink in.  1] do not fool around with darkness for it won’t let go of you.
2] Learn how to expel darkness and their powers – take authority v.s being a victim (btw, I am teaching on this all the time!) 3] Learn from me while I am here, so pay attention NOW.  Next, Jesus doubles down and tells of His Passion week again.
The tussle of the disciples arguing about who would be greatest was not their last such juvenile discussion. Boys will be boys, eh? (my husband told me to say that!)  It’s a worldwide phenomenon to joust for first place.  Jesus makes a perfect teaching moment reminding them to serve all v.s. compete with all.
The point that the disciples bring up when a man is casting out demons is as silly as being perplexed that the whole world doesn’t attend YOUR church with YOU. Hey, when someone is following Jesus quit fussing that their socks aren’t perfect enough to walk in your parade – or any myriad of other inane concerns that accomplish nothing except waste brain cells and time.
The lesson Jesus taught after the Samaritan Village shunned them is worth taking to heart… along with everything else: better learn to handle rejection, folks!
Jesus’ teaching about the cost of discipleship comes next. Some may have looked at Jesus operating and thought, “free food, free healthcare, sign me up!” He lets the one man know that it isn’t always free housing too… Make what you will of that.  The others demonstrate the difference between them and when Jesus called the 12 who all dropped what they were doing and followed.  When someone is going to follow Jesus, all other priorities come below, after, later, many need to be eradicated permanently.  When Jesus calls, NEVER say “in a minute / wait until I… ? / just as soon as … / I can’t until after I download a few more, etc.  When Jesus says “come now”, gee, what should be done? If that has to be explained again, no amount of explanation is going to be enough.
10 – Jesus sending out the 72 is a historical move with historical results.  They were given orders, with no back out or back up plan. They were to heal and proclaim, not to fret rejection, and know that their acceptance or rejection of Jesus’ was a tremendous decision each would be making.  Those who turned away Jesus may as well prepare to be treated like the city of Sodom/Gomorrah – not good!
The 72 return and are as excited as school kids with ice cream at recess.  Jesus reminds them to keep a proper attitude among all the successful ministry.  What excitement there is in following Jesus!!

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