July 16


Leviticus 17-20

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

“God, we thank you that you have laid the path and laid it out straight for us. You want us well and … well, thank you again.  Amen.”

17 – blood and its handling is dealt with sternly in this chapter.  God is the God of Life. Life is in the blood.  Blood must be shed properly and in the right place.  Blood is sacred. We are saved by the shedding of blood as it happened on Calvary in the spring of Jesus’ 33rd year. The 13-14 centuries of having a holy reverence and strict rules about blood is training the Jewish people to be ready and to be in awe of Jesus’ blood as it’s shed. There is a true story of a grown man who received his sight for the first time when the optical part of his brain was activated by a minor accident; a bump to the head and “poof” he could see just like that.  HIs description of life and the world and loved ones is the stuff of award winning literature. He said that what was most astounding to him was seeing the color red . . . in flowers, clothing, deep sunsets. The color red made him groan in awe.  The color red is telling us something from God Himself.  The color red in blood is telling us something even more.  The allure of it is to draw us to God – not to occultic activity and the ritualistic smearing of it, painting with it, drinking it like those immersed in voodoo.

18 – the nations all around Israel were steeped in cultic sexual activity.  The practices were disgusting and filthy and worse.  Virtually everyone in the neighboring nations had multiple partners.  There were no rules except whatever anyone felt like doing to and with whomever.  Diseases were rampant. There were pockets of tribal populations where 100% were infected and had been breeding/producing offspring that … well, we don’t really want to talk about it here.  BTW, many of these were the people that God told the Israelites to utterly destroy, women/children/animals included.  That was because sex with beasts was practiced too. These people were given to Satanism. Satanic cults always include rampant sex along with their ‘rigors’.  God wanted the Israelites to be an enduring people, a testimony, he wanted them healthy and mindful of eternity – not just the next sexual encounter or partner or what have you. The rules of Lv. 18 still stand: the insinuation = one God / one heterosexual partner for life.  This is core to being a people of God.
19 – the rules laid forth in 19 are perfectly legitimate and right.  There is no basis for any of these laws to be argued against or considered outdated. The TEN Commandments, protecting the handicapped, keeping things in proper place / no mixing, orchard management, honoring each soul, no cultic behavior or practices, resting, honoring – it’s just a great list.  God wants us well not weird or weirding out for any reason.
20 – there was to be absolutely no sacrificing of infants.  Whoever does so is guilty and is to be executed. Looking the other way and pretending not to notice anyone who sacrifices their infant to Molech v.s. punishing them merely spreads the guilt. Followers of Molech must die.  God would have none of this madness in His land. No dabbling in Darkness/occult/witchcraft will be tolerated. There were additional rules against sexual impurity that God insisted they adhere to.  All God’s Law was to be obeyed.  It may seem tedious to describe all this but the better way to see it as God sees it is to realize that unredeemed humans have awfully perverse tendencies that make them into a base “animal” and will soon be acting worse than an animal.  The only way to avert this penchant for going bad is to fastidiously list each and every action they were to avoid and to list them specifically.  No one could whine to God then, now, or ever, “but I didn’t knowwwwwwwwwwww.”  Yes you do.  God told you.

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