October 3

Proverbs 1-4

We are in the Wisdom Stream and reading from the Good News Translation.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Dear Jesus, we ask for wisdom, and we know that you give generously to those who ask of you.  Amen.

Solomon was raised by David who was stalwart, regal, a musician, a tactician, soldier, and poet turned king. And David was diligent to instruct Solomon. Excelling was normal living to Solomon. He wrote the first 29 chapters of this book [with Agur writing 30 and King Lemuel 31].  His writings are voluminous, not to mention the songs he wrote. His mind was the wonder of his world and his era. People came 1000’s upon 1,000’s of miles to have audience with him. He taught on botany, animals, science, politics, business, poetry, virtue. His preaching entranced those who were able to gather in his corridors. Solomon was impassioned to have learning be a preoccupation for his people; and of anyone who would come to learn. So for the next nine weeks (through USA’s Thanksgiving weekend) we will be sitting and learning from Solomon. Letting one’s self be mentored by Solomon is far better than making all the mistakes personally. World leaders today benefit from Solomon’s wisdom.
1 – Solomon urges us from the start to pay attention and learn wisdom. Wisdom surpasses knowledge for wisdom properly applies what is known and learned.  Wisdom is even defined as “skill” when describing the skill of the workers who did the artwork and thinking for the Tabernacle [Exo.31]. There are plenty of people in this world who have storehouses of knowledge and are yet derelict in their living. Therefore wisdom is worth more because wisdom knows what to do with what is learned. There are billions of people on earth who know things but do not know what to do next…[so get wisdom!]
Wisdom will grant character, steering lives away from stupidity, bad company, and criminal living,  And attaining wisdom isn’t some mysterious hunt disguised behind tricky endeavors – simply ask God for it. Wisdom is everywhere and for the embracing. Avoiding wisdom will increase trouble, bring destruction and cut life short. Whereas wisdom brings secure living.
2 – The young will be rewarded for seeking wisdom. In wisdom they will possess a guide in life that surpasses all other forms of guidance.  Wisdom will guard against darkness and sin and those who seduce wandering souls to unwittingly traverse the wrong road that leads to the world of the dead. I.e. Wisdom keeps life aright. Shunning wisdom will funnel anyone past and beyond the point of no return. Outer darkness awaits those who stop their ears from learning wisdom.
3 – Solomon advises the young to adhere to teaching, loyalty and faithfulness, to trust God over their own thoughts, remain humble, and remember to make offerings to God. Wisdom is letting yourself be corrected.  Therein comes wealth and honor, for wisdom is the source of all life. And it is imperative to grow in wisdom – for wisdom is never outgrown.  Be charitable.
And to remain in God’s blessing –> avoid arguments, scheming, jealousy, violence, evil and all stupidity.
4 – Above all things get wisdom – for wisdom opens the world and eternity. Wisdom leads to all things that are desired in this life. There are two paths in this life: one that comes from wisdom and leads to life and wonder, and the other that shuns wisdom – leading to darkness, evil, pain, wickedness, and shame.

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