November 5

Deuteronomy 4-6

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“Dear Lord God, We know you love us, and we love you. That’s what needs to said, so we say it. Amen.”

The pattern of the literature in Deuteronomy is intriguing. It is very typical of the contemporary cultures. There is archaeological evidence of so many cultures from this region and during this era that laid out their laws as we see Deuteronomy laid out. The speaker is introduced [ch. 1]. The relationship is reviewed [chs. 1-3]. Obligations are listed [4-26]. Statement about document; it’s storage and its public reading [in ch. 27]. Witnesses
listed [31-32]. Curses/Blessings named for either adherence or violation [28ff. ] This same pattern is followed at the end of Joshua when he is saying his goodbyes.

4 – Chapter. four is the beginning of the obligations the Hebrew people are to follow as the people God has called. Obedience was commanded of them and these obligations run from Deut. 4-26. The people are told to hang on to God’s Word; what Moses has told them, like a lifeline … because it is a lifeline. Those who adhere to God will live and thrive. Those who do not, will not. You say you want to live. Well God wants you to live. All is clear, right? They were to be most diligent in all matters of the rules. Idolatry was completely forbidden! God’s feelings about idolatry are a mirror of our feelings about our spouse being true to us. Idolatry is like a mistress or lover in another city that one tries to keep a secret. We demand fidelity from family because God wants it from us. “No idolatry” is proper, and permanently so. The neighbors’ idols were not permitted either, so they must be driven out.
This is the beginning of the 23 chapters of vital reminders Moses gave them before his death. Pay attention or you will be paying attention to slave drivers in foreign countries who do their talking with whips
5 – The Ten Commandments are reiterated here, from their original statement in Exodus 20. This core issue is reinstated as well as ominous reminders and the backdrop as further reason to keep the Commandments.
6 – The command to love our God is laid forth in one of the most famous and crucial passages of Scripture. He is our ONE God. He IS One. Ane we are to love Him with everything we have. This concept is stated again at lease six other places in the Bible. Do whatever what needs to be done to help remember this. Write it over the doorways of your homes. Put notes on strings and tie them to yourselves. Today we say things like, “text this everywhere. Put int in an email reminder that comes up hourly on your screen. And so forth. This is more important than anything. We forget to love God, we will lose all. So remember to love God first, most, always. Everything hinges upon this.

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