November 3

John 7:25-8:59

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“Jesus: we don’t ever want to argue with you.  When you are talking, we want to listen and learn and grow with you.  Amen.”

7:25ff – What is going on at this point is that Jesus arrived unnoticed and began teaching in Jerusalem.  [It is about six months before the crucifixion.]  The dubious leaders sent guards to go fetch and arrest Jesus and they come back with their report.  The leaders are disappointed to say the least that the guards “went soft” and didn’t bring back Jesus to them.  What is He doing in the open areas teaching in such a way that there is a “ground-swell” and they don’t press through and arrest Him. He is teaching about His origin, about departing to His Father – and therefore no one will be able to find Him!  Jesus talked about being Living Water, about the Holy Spirit …  The scuttling and arguing around Him intensified as it became quite obvious that there was  s o m e t h i n g  about this man that the leaders and laborers could NOT deny.  Both ends of the social ladder were rather taken with Him but for completely different reasons.  The common folk wanted to follow Him.  The leaders wanted to flog Him.  The polarization merely continued.  The tension and frustration among the leaders is pathetic; could we say comical as they quickly slap down anyone who has a differing perspective than their own.  They are even ready to “throw eggs” at Nicodemus, a rather regal member among them, for merely bringing up a legitimate matter about proper inquiry.  Thus the Sanhedrin is frantic.

8 – Jesus walks right back into the cauldron the next day and the Pharisees think they have Jesus cornered when they bring a harlot to Him and ask what should be done… The Law says to stone her to death, btw.  Jesus turns the matter to them and their sinfulness and invites anyone sinless to start the stoning.  Jesus’ words pierced the hearts of everyone there and soon the accusers had all vanished. Their guilt was then the issue. Frus-trayyy-shun!
Jesus then launches into his teaching about being the Light of the World.  Why wouldn’t the Creator of the sun be the Light of the World? He told about His testimony, His truth, more about His Father, His destiny.  No matter what He brought up or brought forth, the leaders missed it completely.  They were so off topic: they’re in a spiritual stupor, a mental malaise and a moral coma – simultaneously!  They cannot grasp what’s happening in the least.  It is a dead giveaway that these Pharisees do not walk with God. And the more Jesus talked, the more the people wanted to adhere to Him and follow Him.     The issue of Abraham comes up.  It’s a safe claim for the Pharisees.  Why? because Abraham never commands anything of you.   Three religions enshrine Abraham for that matter.  This is the same type of reason why people inadvertently “follow” Buddha.  He requires nothing of you and you basically make up what you want as you ‘follow what’s inside you…’  Tell me about it.  So they claim they are Abraham’s while it is their own kind who killed every prophet that God sent to them.  And they are prepping to kill this latest prophet; Jesus.  No matter what topic Jesus brings up, they cannot refute it and skirt to change the subject.  Do you think that the Pharisees favorite subject in school was “changing the subject”?  I do. When Jesus claims to have a personal relationship and knowledge of Abraham, they attempt to murder Him right there.  So Jesus escapes for now

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