November 19

Deuteronomy 12-15

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, we are born to worship you, to live consecrated unto you, hear our heart and prayers as we live for you. Amen.

These were the laws, rules, reminders, ordinances that must be followed in order to remain in the land; to remain in God’s good graces.

12 – Moses was raised in complete idolatry the first 40 years of his life. The next 40 he is in the desert getting honed by God to lead the greatest event and turn of events in the Old Testament period; the Exodus through the Red Sea and to take the people to the Promised Land (not in; but to it). Then, in the last 40 years, he is teaching, training, mentoring Joshua/Caleb, and preaching to the people constantly to be free of idols; have nothing to do with them or the people who possess them.  Avoid idolatry, honor the Levitical priests, be joyful and happy in what you do. They are told to be joyful three times in ch. 12 and eight times in Deuteronomy.  There was a light review of some diet laws, but they must be careful to pour blood out on the ground when they were slaughtering. Don’t be enamored with the color ‘red’ in this way. Most of the cults in the region would ingest blood in their cultic rituals, not you, however.  Destroy any all and all remnants of false Gods. Follow me carefully
13 – Anyone who attempts to lure people away to other gods, execute them. Doesn’t matter who they are, even a relative. Execute anyone who tries to lead you away from monotheism; your one true God. People in other cities who try to lure you away get the same treatment. Finish them off and burn all their cultic material, pocket none of it. Idolatry must go. Get accustomed to saying this and living this way.  If you get weary of hearing “flee idols”, why is that? Is it because you are doing idols now?  Never weary of what is right.  When you do, the immediate danger of idolatry is ‘at your door’.
14 – Pagan laws and diet laws along with tithing laws fill this chapter.  No cutting yourself and no mohawks is what is said from the start. The pagan religions around them did this. They were not to take part. Note that the farther away any culture is from Christ, the more they ink/ and cut/scar/poke themselves. And zany ‘rooster style’ hairstyles are far more noticeable. These people are to be wholly God’s possession. They were to reflect God and God is not a freakshow.  As for diet, the sharpest delineation is that the animals they are allowed to eat were vegetarian animals. Animals that eat animals or garbage or feces have compounded toxins in them.  This is not healthy. Do not eat them.     They were to be hospitable, tithing to God regularly, charitable, and to care for the priests without fail.
15 – Debt was not to be a matter of strangulation. There came a time to drop accounts and start anew.  Btw, this is a law that once was in play in the USA.  No mortgages went past seven years. Did you know that? Once politicians thought it coy to remove God from government 30+ year mortgages became common place. 40+ year mortgages are being discussed as of recent. God has better ideas always. There are countries today, [majority nonChristian], where there are now 100 year mortgages. One class of people has permanent sway over another class of people for four generations.  This isn’t right.  Enough collateral comment. They were to be compassionate to the poor, not mean. God is watching!  There was servanthood, and slaves in cases and there were laws regarding this. No one was to be treated as a despised animal. More items and reminders about tithing and offerings and what God wanted them to be mindful of. And another reminder about blood. Don’t cook with it, don’t drink it like devil worshippers. Pour it on the ground.

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