June 11


Exodus 37:25-40:38

We are in the World Stream finishing the book of Exodus. We are reading from the New American Standard Bible this week.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

God we thank you for visiting us and all who will prepare themselves to come into the Presence of You. Thank for availing yourself to us. To be with YOU is the blessing of all blessings.  Amen

37 – Bezalel made the ark of the covenant, the table for it, the lampstand, and the altar of incense.  Take a moment in your mind to transport back 33+ centuries and imagine yourself walking quietly up to Bezalel at work. “Bezalel, what are you making?”      “A box of acacia wood to be covered in gold to hold the X Commandments…”    “What’s the significance of this?”  To which Bezalel replies, “all society hinges upon what’s in this box for all time!  The governments who ignore these Commandments shall crumble, as will the nations, the states, the communities, neighborhoods and families and individuals. The opposite is more true…all who honor and follow these commands will become eternally blessed.  This box is not just a part of history, it IS history. In fact history pivots upon the contents of this box!”  After this conversation there is nothing left to do but walk away backward, in awe in the presence of the work of a holy God that is a consuming fire.

38 – Everything that was described a few chapters back is completed at this point. In 38 the Altar is the completed, and the laver, and the court; the gorgeous linen perimeter of the Tabernacle.  All contents for the Tabernacle were completed.  The mathematics of this are staggering.  It’s too much to sum up.  We will just leave you with this, however – there was over 2200 lbs. of gold involved in this endeavor.  This was the place where God would be met and consulted with, and sins forgiven, and direction received.  It had been over 2600 years since Adam/Eve were expelled from the garden. Religiously, a myriad of procedures had been experimented with the world over and nothing was working to solve the problem regarding the colossal gap between where we were and where God wanted us to be.  This Tabernacle was where God would be met.  It was gravely awesome to be near this place. … And it would be assembled soon.
39 – The ornate garments for the priests are made and completed.  They are far more decorative and costly than what we would label as “fit for a king.”  The details were tedious and numerous and the work was done fastidiously,  comprehensively, and perfectly.  Once this was complete, these garments, along with the rest of the items for the Tabernacle, were brought to Moses for examination by Moses. The work was done just as the Lord had commanded.  Moses blessed them and now it was time for the finale~ of the Book of Exodus.
40 – The Tabernacle is finally raised and assembled.  The anointing is completed, the lamps are lit, the offerings are placed, the washing is done.  And they entered the Tent of Meeting, did the finishings and all the work was done.  Then the miracle of God’s presence occurred.  The Cloud, symbolizing the Presence of God, settled upon the Tabernacle.  And for the next two generations that they would be in the Wilderness of Sinai and around, the Cloud would settle upon the Tabernacle to state that “God was IN”.  When He lifted, it was time to go, when he settled it was time to settle and wait.  There was cloud by day and fire by night.  And this was a blessing to witness for all the house of Israel, not just the priests and leaders.  What a marvel.

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