July 21


Luke 8:16-9:17

We are in the Christ Stream reading from The Message.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

God thank you for including us in your work, letting us join you, to feel valued and be employed by you in the great work of building the Kingdom.  Amen.

Jesus basically nails a list of priorities that he brings to us from heaven and we need to make them ours.

-share the truth, don’t hide it
-worship God & kingdom first, (yes, honor family – don’t worship family) but Honor God to be in HIS Eternal Family.
Jesus calms any storm…He orders what He created. This miracle was a total stunner for them
-Jesus healing the demonized man has many messages. The dark world is not to be fooled with – it will take you to hell even before you get there.  Jesus has complete authority over the demonic and he wants us to exercise this victory also.  Jesus turns even the worst madness back into sanity again. and regarding the pigs – Jesus is making some statement here. The kosher laws were near their end (Acts 10 was just a few years away) but there’s a subtle statement about people’s perceptions in casting the evil spirits into the pigs. [make whatever you want from it]  The Gentiles were very disturbed about the business loss of pork but Jesus is more concerned that people get well and saved v.s. any other priority.
-the SEQUENCE of the Jairus daughter request / woman bleeding-touch-the garment / commence with Jairus daughter; the sequence is identical in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. This is a weighty memo that the writers want us all to catch.  Jairus is large and in charge but what is that when your little one is dying? He calls for Jesus to come heal his 12-yr-old.  Enroute, he is touched by a woman who’s been ill for 12 years with an unkosher problem that forbids her to be among crowds.  Yet she presses through and gets healed after taking a terrifying risk.  This heals her and Jesus welcomes her back to ‘the family’. He then resumes his journey to heal the 12-yr-old.  Kosher problems, illness/death, chronic problems – Jesus solves it all.  The number ’12’ links this story together.  But know this – Jesus is determined to reach the young for the kingdom. He’ll stop to minister to anyone who needs Him, but his face is set like flint on reaching the young for God.  We must be and do the same.

9 – Jesus calls together and commissions the 12 to go and do the power ministry that He has been doing. He gives them authority to minister and lays out a few operating procedures.  The action and news of it has long since gone national – so much so that even Herod is jolted to sit up straight.    In the final story today, the 5,000 are fed.  The hook is when Jesus tells the disciples, “YOU feed them.”  who? huh? me? us?  Jesus talks to his followers in this manner yet today.  ” You feed them … You heal them … You go and preach to them … You evangelize them  (don’t fret – I’ll be with you to the end of the age.)

It’s almost too marvelous to ponder that The God of Heaven is gracious enough to share His endearing work with us and even let us feel useful in seeing lives touched for eternity.

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