July 18


Psalms 96-102

We are in the Wisdom Stream reading from The Message.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord of All, you are good and you have our good in mind.  We will remain in Your Covenant and Praise Your Name.  Amen.

96 – This is another theocratic Psalm that lauds the rule of God and sings about the wonderful fanfare –> so we best all join in the parade of worship and praise.  This is rhapsody.  It is beautiful. It is evangelistic. This praise, this Godand this life shows and proves the ragged emptiness of false gods. Even nature and the animals are praising God.  He is coming to judge the earth.  That is terrifying for those who are against God – a great relief for those who love Him; for they are on His side.

97 – This is further chorus about God and His great rule that is coming to earth. It is a crowning anthem that could well be referring to Christ arriving in Bethlehem as well as His second arrival that we are yet eagerly awaiting in our day.  The heavens themselves are part of the chorus praising God as He comes to aright the ship-of earth [pardon the random nautical theme]. God loves and does right, he rescues the righteous, He hates evil, God loves hating evil, and He also loves those who love being loving and hate evil.  The “mathematics” of God’s morals are as true as His character.
98 – A Psalm of Jubilation.  It along with Psalm 40:3, Psalm 96:1, 144:9 calls for singing a new song of praise to the Lord.  In heaven there shall be a new song sung to the Lamb of God; in Rev. 5.  But again, in Ps. 98, the praise and music is inspiring and invigorating. The ocean itself even adds to the worship.  It all sings of God who gets things right. Praises be.
99 – God is the Lord of all. He is the ruler and He loves justice/righteousness. He hears when we pray and answers our prayer so let’s worship our Holy God.
100 – this is a Psalm of Thanksgiving that we must keep reciting and keep in our hearts.  Psalm 100 is what we are born and live to do
101 – This is a theme of one who is resolved to do right: to be loving, to live justice, to have integrity, to shun evil, to reject alliances with evil people, to avoid gossip and lies and liars, and to expel evil people from God’s country.  Some think David wrote this Psalm as he was coming to rule as King of Israel. It’s his pact with God to have a proper kingship.
102 – is written in a time of terrible affliction. The writer is humiliated and a miserable sight for others to look upon.  Life has taken a bad turn. Pain seems to be his closest companion. Yet his faith is unshaken.  He loves God more than he insists that life go his way.  He knows God still loves Zion, His people, and He hears their prayers – and He wants future generations to remain true to God also. Somehow, in faith, he knows that God is eternal and that his current suffering is but for a season. So he declares that He will remain in the Lord and the children and their children shall live with the Lord too.

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