August 24

Micah 3-4

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, I think your message of truth is coming through that we cannot count upon kings or kingdoms or priests or courts or armies.  We can only count upon you. And therefore we do look to you.  Amen.

3 – Micah continues his stinging words to unjust and rotten rulers in both the south and the north. His issue is most pointed at the deeds of King Ahaz in Jerusalem.  There was a good king before him; Jotham, and a good king after Ahaz; in Hezekiah. But the decisions of King Ahaz and the residue of Ahaz’ behavior in Jerusalem was almost as low as a human can conduct himself.  Judah hit rock bottom under Manasseh but Ahaz was just as evil though he had less time than Manasseh did. Ahaz oversaw horrid injustice and some of the payoff money was going to him, so that was fine with him.  He was 100% committed to the god Molech. Human sacrifice was taking place and it was rampant.  Micah talks about bones and skin and things that are lurid as lurid can be. Well this is Ahaz in operation. He even sacrificed his own son to Molech (Satan under another name!). There were endless court rulings that were way worse than pathetic. Bribes ruled the day. Justice was not to be found. Moses would have called for an earthquake to swallow these “religious pirates”.  The Prophets were in it for profit$ and nothing else. Whoever payed them got a message about rainbows unicorns and fairies (or ?whatever they would say!).  Whoever couldn’t pay or wouldn’t pay them enough got a scathing tongue-lashing.  They may as well have been running a crystal ball business.  They were just as lost as any fortune teller today who is using a ouija board, reading palms, and running a cult out of their basement.  These “Prophets” were hucksters A-Z. And all these leaders in Jerusalem in this day claimed they were walking with God and had His blessing. The hypocrisy was appalling! Jerusalem would become abandoned because of all such activity.  King Ahaz and those like him brought the anger out in Micah’s writings.  Any decent person would be sickened to witness this carnival of darkness.

4 – Micah takes another abrupt shift here from chapter three.  And he also covers alot of ground by doing topical shifts within this chapter [4].   From his scathing assessment of the spiritual condition of the north and the south so far, he breaks into a glorious illustration of what Zion and this whole Promised Land is going to be.  From across the world, there will be countless spiritually obedient “students of the Scriptures” that pour into Jerusalem to learn of God.  War will be over with.  Those cast aside will be brought in again and used of God for great things.  God will do great things in many nations because and by way of Zion being restored.  This is what God is going to do in time.        As for the current anxiety that is being felt in Jerusalem, —> it is because there is some stress coming. In the near future, nearer than you wish, there is judgment coming down from Babylon and you will be going to Babylon.  Micah is saying this 100 years before Babylon had risen to prominence. They were being haunted by Assyria, but they would survive this. Babylon would rise and crush Assyria, then they will come in here to Judah and take you on and long trip and you will be in a 70 year “time-out” … in Babylon.  hmm

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