September 5

Psalm 120-132

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, You are the one, the Only One who does all these wonderful works on our behalf. It’s a testament to your endless love.  Thank you Lord God.  AMEN.
We reference 13 Psalms today so don’t look away from your Bible yet but keep your Bible in front of you so you can reference what we are talking about as we go through all these gems.

120 – David is feeling the fugitive and is getting exasperated that everywhere he goes people are liars. Liars liars liars. He mentions Meshach; they are a people far north.  He mentions the tents of Kedar; they are nomadic people to the south and east.  David is wanting home and truth and peace. It seems God was making sure David grew 100% weary of wandering among liars. The training is working. This is especially vital because David’s entire life is leadership training and leaders must loathe lying or they do not lead rightly.

121 – The Lord is our Protector who keeps us on our feet, He’s a security guard 24/7/365.  This is protection from someone who is all powerful and all wise. It was especially touching in the “Diary of Anne Frank” when the family is slipping into dismay from being in hiding so long – they pull out and read Psalm 121. [heavy sigh]
122 – The prayer for Jerusalem captures the excitement of going into God’s realm, going to Temple, being among God’s people. The joy of it all!  David has obviously secured “Salem” from the Jebusites; It was  Jebus’ Salem. It is forever to be called Jeru-Salem. And it a marvelous place to be even now. Husband and I talk about going to church as kids and the people flocking in, the greeting, the sharing time, the music, playing tag in the basement, the friends and VBS and games and stories and the awesome potlucks. They were wondrous days. Well David is as excited as a schoolboy up to Jerusalem
123 – The favor of the Lord will get you farther in a day than a 1,000 days of labor. Be asking for the Lord’s favor on your life and watch things get miraculous
124 – When the Lord is on your side / when we are on the Lord’s side [and vow to stay there] we escape and become eternally victorious.  God had delivered them from fearful danger.

125 – Trusting the Lord is all that can be trusted. The evil will fall, but the Lord surrounds those who trust Him and He gives them peace.

126 – They had been brought back from captivity in Babylon and they felt like they were dreaming. Compare this Psalm to 137 and things really have changed in their hearts and souls as they are no longer in Babylon. It’s certainly wonderful to be home.
127 – Solomon wrote this one and Psalm 72.  Here he is talking about building; something Solomon is quite adept at! He built the Temple, his residences, structures, pools, shelters for his workers, his horses, ad infinitum. He is also bent on teaching people to build homes – not just houses. Because ‘family’ is the a strong shelter against the elements and the enemies.
128 – This wedding song is by a different writer than Solomon but the theme is an extension of 127.  It talks about healthy boisterous strong families led by God-fearing men with fruitful productive wives. This is what a stalwart nation is built upon. Without this a nation is basically building it’s foundation out of sand at the water’s edge during low tide … it will be washed away.
129 – This is a fervent prayer that the enemies of Zion would wither and be starved out and gone!
130 – This cry for mercy is of a soul awaiting redemption. The writer is in penance and truly looking to God alone for restoration. If all people reacted this way to their sins, transgressions, iniquities then no one would be addicted to anything.  This Psalm surely shows a better way back for distressed hearts.
131 – Israel; Believers everywhere, put your hope in the Lord and you will sleep like a baby!
132 – This is a reassertion that David’s dynasty will not disappear. It will be eternal regardless of what era of history we find ourselves in. God promises this. The Ark is Present. The Priests are righteous.  David’s family is established. There is Provision and abundance, salvation and worship, glory and joy.  Halelujah; praises be to God.

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