September 14

Nahum 1-2

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Commentary by Dr. Drake W. Travis

Nahum adds to the testament against Nineveh.  This sadistic city is going to fall.  It is doomed.  Granted, Jonah reluctantly prophesied against this city and they repented…that generation repented anyway. That was 770 B.C. But as all Christian historians know, each generation needs to be evangelized and Nineveh didn’t evangelize the next generation in the God of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and David.

48 years later they stormed Israel/Samaria with a diabolical vengeance. Here it is 650 B.C.; 120 years after Jonah preached a very similar message, and Nineveh along with the rest of the Assyrians are deaf to the message as they careen onward toward their own overthrow. Nahum is in credible company with his message as Isaiah [ch. 10], and Zephaniah also speak of the end of Nineveh.  His message may have been ignored in a similar was that Noah’s Ark and the flood warnings were ignored, for Nineveh was in its glory days about when Nahum commenced his prophecy. Nonetheless, the Scythian Invasion of 727 B.C. cracked their confidence as well as their insidious arrogance.  In 612 B.C. the fall of Nineveh occurred – God and his spokesmen are right again.

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