September 12

Psalms 133-139

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, we want to know you and walk with you and live in the Psalms and be in worship every step, every day.  Amen.

133 – Our working and playing and cooking and learning and worshiping and serving and doing all that we do IN a SPIRIT of TOGETHERNESS is very pleasing to the Lord.  It seems that modern-day urbanites are slightly more impressed with the concepts of “privacy”, “personal space”, and “my own little world” etc. than God is.

134 – The Psalmist is distinctly impressed with those Levitical servants who work the night-shift without fail .
135 – This is exuberant encouragement to praise the Lord.  Why? Because God is the only true and right God. Allgods are false.  Look what God has done!  His works in nature, His works against our enemies…which are His enemies. GOD is just and compassionate.  All others nations’ gods are not even fluff.  They are nothing. They don’t exist!  So let’s praise Him; our True God.
136 – The verse/phrase; “His mercy endures forever…” is recited repeatedly to redentigrate into people’s memories so that it stays there for life. Every reminder becomes a reminder of … God’s eternal mercy. God does wonders, miracles, natural phenomenon-  be they repetitive or in line with answers to prayer for rescue.  God guides, gives victory, he saves, sustains – – – so, what do we do? –> give Him thanks.
137 – It is the 580’s B.C. and the Judeans are in anguish; in Babylon and hadn’t the heart to sing the boisterous songs to God in worship. The Babylonians would goad them to sing but they just couldn’t, they were so demoralized. They remembered Zion and wanted to make sure their hearts didn’t change and become settled with /or/ normalized to life in Babylon. Their anger is still fresh against their Babylonian victors and the Edomites who cheered Judea’s defeat. Their prayer against their tormentors is about as severe as it gets; wanting the Babylonian babies smashed. This is real prayer though it forgets the truth – that God put the Bab’s up to the task of punishing them for what they; the Judeans had done against God. Their anger, understand is almost six centuries pre-Calvary so they don’t understand the Holy Spirit and grace and redemption in a spectrum that those who have been following Jesus understand it. All things considered from our “Christian prism”, we can understand this anger, without condoning it.
[This Psalm was written by Hebrews exiled in Babylon, while Psalm 126 was written shortly after returning to the Promised Land from Babylon.]
138 – is a celebration in itself; a celebration borne from answered prayer that comes bursting forth from grateful hearts.
139 – God KNOWS us – that is the theme here. Skin to bone, every thought, every word, He knows us.  You, Lord are present with us, every step, every day. It isn’t possible to flee from our God. He was there for our beginning and orchestrated the creation of us; each of us. God’s vast love for us is too marvelous to understand. David feels a deep kinship with those who love God … and vice versa.  David wants to make sure there is no evil in his heart – not even evil that he is unconscious of. David wants to walk with God and remain in God and to have nothing whatsoever to do with evil or anything/anyone that is evil.

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