January 22

Genesis 13-17

Today we start in a different translation – the New American Standard Bible. As the name indicates, this is a newer version of something translated before – the American Standard Version of 1901. The NASB was published in 1995 and updated the English to be more modern and smooth out some of the challenging vocabulary. We are in The World Stream as we continue the story of Abram.

January 21

Acts 5:17-7:53

Today is our final day in the New Living Translation for this week. We’ll start a new translation tomorrow. Today we are in the Church Stream and reading about the early church in Acts.

The thread for this week is leadership/government.



January 20

Matthew 6-8

We are reading in the New Living Translation this week. Today we are in the Christ Stream and continue the Sermon on the Mount and more of Jesus’ ministry. What should we do about the kingdom, according to Jesus?