January 24

Job 15-17

Today we continue in the New American Standard Bible. We are in the Wisdom Stream and back into the sufferings of Job. We are entering the 2nd cycle of speeches this week. A quick overview of the Wisdom Stream as outlined by Oswald Chambers:

  • Job teaches us how to suffer.
  • Psalms teaches us how to pray.
  • Proverbs teaches us how to act.
  • Ecclesiastes teaches us how to enjoy.
  • Song of Solomon teaches us how to love.


January 23

Joshua 16-20

We are reading from the New American Standard Bible this week. Today we are in the Nation Stream and continue the division of the land among the tribes of Israel. Here is a very helpful map as we navigate all the geographical terms in today’s reading.

The map is from BibleStudy.org.

division-of-promised-land-to-ancient-israel (1)

And here is a map with even more of the cities identified.


At the end of this episode, Serena shares several historical tidbits which were found at bibletimeline.net.


January 22

Genesis 13-17

Today we start in a different translation – the New American Standard Bible. As the name indicates, this is a newer version of something translated before – the American Standard Version of 1901. The NASB was published in 1995 and updated the English to be more modern and smooth out some of the challenging vocabulary. We are in The World Stream as we continue the story of Abram.