January 20

Matthew 6-8

We are reading in the New Living Translation this week. Today we are in the Christ Stream and continue the Sermon on the Mount and more of Jesus’ ministry. What should we do about the kingdom, according to Jesus?


January 19

Daniel 2:24-49

Today we are in the Exile Stream and continue the exciting story of Daniel, aka Belteshazzar, solving Nebuchadnezzar’s dream challenge with help from the Lord. We will finish chapter 2 today and discuss the dream and eschatology.



January 18

Isaiah 8-10

We are sailing down the Prophetic Stream today in the book of Isaiah. Last week Isaiah encouraged King Ahaz with a sign that the virgin would conceive and bear a child – a foretelling of the Messiah. Our reading today will cover some more of those famous verses about the coming Messiah…from the perspective of people in Isaiah’s day.