October 31

Proverbs 17-20

We are in the Wisdom Stream reading from the Common English Bible.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord God we thank you that you have made wisdom so accessible to us.  Amen.
Here are the highlights of more sage advice from Solomon:

17 – enjoy dining with your loved ones and be happy with your portion. Don’t forget how happy you already are.  Watch your mouth – it steers more than we think.  God sees what is in our hearts. We may hide our intentions from others – though God knows.  Seek to have a gracious and merciful heart. Avoid being argumentative. Remain friendly even if it’s painful. Do not co-sign for a loan. A joyful heart brings healing. Wicked thinking/bribery/twisted justice are all linked. Find wisdom; it’s right in front of us. Don’t embitter family. Keep quiet, calm, and be listening.

18 – selfishness+bickering -plus- all talk+no listening=idiocy!  The wicked/contempt/shame/insults/favoritism/denied justice/accusations/gossip/laziness/thuggery – is also all linked.  The LORD’s Name is a greater shield than riches. Pride brings disaster. Humility brings respect. Listen. Seek knowledge and understanding. Hear each-side before you dee-cide.  You can be paid for good advice. Be thankful for your wife – God sent her to you (v.v.).

19 – Keep your ‘walk’ innocent. Watch your desires and do not rush in… Cut folly and work with God.  Treasure friends, don’t lie. The poor get “kicked to the curb” even by relatives (just sayin’). Choose insight over expressing anger.  Do not traumatize your family. Laziness, snoozing, duffing, hunger <–all this happens to the same “couch potato”. Obey God, examine your ways, be kind to the poor. Teach discipline to your children. Don’t try to help the angry -there’s no end to it. Learn to match your plans with the Lord’s purposes. Be trustworthy, honor the Lord–> and be protected. Be correctable and find understanding. (yoda-talk)->Dishonor parents and wander in life you will.

20 – Alcohol can turn the reckless into the morons that they wish they weren’t! Stay on the King’s good side. Stay out of fights. Don’t feed the lazy – God doesn’t. Insight + patience = gooood advice! Be honest in everything – God hates otherwise. Btw, shoppers can be real obnoxious. Speak wisely and you’ll be more prized than fine gems. Thieving will bite you. Gossips bring instability. Honor parents…or pay bigtime. Wealth that grows slowly is better. Vengeance – let it go.  Only make very thoughtful promises.  The wicked will be found and punished. There is far more power in kindness than people realize.
It’s a worldwide phenomenon that the virtuous, bright, and beloved leaders of the world are likely studying the Proverbs as they seek to do the best for those they are leading.  Anyone who wishes to be wise is studying the Proverbs.  Solomon also tells us all about those who refuse to abide by wisdom.  They are described as fools 73 times in Proverbs. Fools are everywhere. Solomon saw them. From Cain to Solomon nothing had changed. From Solomon to today nothing has changed. We live by wisdom or we live as fools.

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