October 24

Proverbs 13-16

We are in the Wisdom Stream reading from the Easy-to-Read Version.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord Jesus,  give us wisdom to learn what is right and to pursue it. And teach us wisdom to apply what we know.  We want lives that bring you honor and glory.  Amen.

Here are highlights of today’s four chapters in Proverbs:

13 – it is wise to receive instruction and advice, speak wisely, be diligent, truthful, and honest. Work hard for your money and then be careful not to ‘flash it’ around. Be a listener and be honored.  Just a parallel comment here: Think about what happens when we marinate something in a sauce…it soon looks, smells, tastes like and actually becomes of the sauce it is marinated in.  Likewise, fellowship and lingering with fools turns a man into a fool. End of discussion.         Sinning and trouble accompany one another.  Children are not goats to simply turn free to roam the hillsides and to figure out life on their own. Train them and disciple them to wisely live right.  That is why God gave them to us.  Be good hearted, make good decisions, and have plenty.
14 – A woman’s care of her own home is quite an indicator of her soul.  The wise and the fool are marked by their level of honor for God and their usage of words. Wisdom gives understanding; by it we learn obedience, peace, patience, knowledge, righteousness, victory. By wisdom we gain bounty, reverence the truth, attain more life, and remain healthy. By wisdom, nation’s grow and are strengthened. Behaving intelligently avoids shameful treatment.
15 – Gentleness calms anger. Speak kindly. Goodness brings riches. Listen to the wise and live right. Be open to correction. Respect for the Lord is better than anything, and can take us to anywhere. Love always makes any meal better – and vice versa (in a big way!). Laziness makes for a difficult life. Industriousness makes for a fulfilling life.  Speak in a well timed and proper way. The Lord is our best security. Do not do evil – especially not for pay.  The Lord listens to the righteous = the opposite is also true for the unrighteous.  Humility leads to honor.
16 – The Lord has for us–> the words, the right reasons, the right judgment, the right plans, the right advice.  It is the Lord who protects us. Please the Lord and there is peace. Righteousness is better than riches. Good kings want honesty, fairness, and truth.  Proud hearts make us against the Lord and destroy us. Speak accurately, carefully, sensibly, thoughtfully, and kindly.  Get advice and don’t do what only seems right to you – for it may be fatal. Troublemaking, strife, cruelty, trickery, painful treatment of others –> avoid it all. Live right, understand your own heart, do not succumb to anger and you are better off than a ruler.  Know that the Lord guides.

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