October 17


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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis
“Lord, You call us to be productive industrious people.  And you grant wisdom to those who ask.  We’ve asked before and we ask again now because we need your wisdom.  Thank you Lord.  Amen.”
9 – We are invited to come and gain wisdom. The invitation is open. The learning is delightful. Invest your efforts in helping the wise grow; none else.  Wisdom’s benefits are lifelong, while prostitutes and theft will kill you.
10 –  [ch’s 10-24 are Solomon’s Bk. 2 of Proverbs]  The contrasts are many:
Be a good child / be wise / righteous / diligent / teachable / make plans / be honest / speak thoughtfully/ be gracious & loving / be blessed / rich / anchored / hopeful / helpful.            On the other hand,
do not be a rebel / a fool / wicked / lazy / reckless / blindly self-sufficient / tolerant of sin / do not speak curses nor be quarrelsome.  Yap yap yap all the time and you’ll be poor, flighty, fearful, selfish, shunned and alone.
11 – Honesty is of God and establishes us. Dishonesty will destroy the cheater.  Righteousness is endless, riches are temporal.  Be a builder not a destroyer.  Godly citizens = a prosperous city / wickedness = decay & demise.  Don’t quarrel or gossip — be honorable and kind.  Cruelty/riches via evilness/stubbornness/and death all go together.  Love people more than riches.  Discretion will keep you beautiful.  You will find what you are looking for in life: whether good OR evil – and we all will be rewarded accordingly

12 – Love learning, correction, goodness, godliness. The worth of a good wife is immeasurable [and v.v.]  The godly man v.s. the wicked man –> the contrasts are many and eternal.  Good men and hard work and teamwork and honesty and listening are linked – as are waste and crookery, arrogance and jealousy, lies and trouble.  Don’t be a fool –> [fingers in your ears, endless tantrums, demanding respect, lying, putting others down, loving deceit and evil, looking for trouble].  Keep promises, work, lead, get advice, encourage, and be diligent.

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