November 9

Zechariah 3-4

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord, we your Temple give your reverence. Be blessed by our praise. Amen.

3 – The Name Joshua as is revealed to Zechariah is “Jesus” -The Savior. The name Joshua from 1400 B.C.  was Yehoshua that became Yashua that became iesous (yeah-SOOS). Then it was anglicized to be “Jesus”.   The text through the centuries was run through Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, English [and it’s transformations during the last 1,100 years].  I just say this {perhaps TMI] so that when you hear “Joshua” in Zech. 3, you don’t picture the one with Moses in the Tabernacle/Tent/Sinai and all that.  This is a clear vision of the coming Savior; it is Jesus.  Zechariah is loaded with these beautiful visions. The ‘filthy garments’ are OUR SINS put upon Christ.  The rich robes and adornment are what the “sins” are traded in for once sacrificed.  This figure will then become the authority.  He is God’s Servant; The Branch who will take away our sins in a day.  You know this is Calvary, right?! It’s more than wonderful – 1400 hundred years of regular sacrifices and millions and millions of animals sacrificed was all temporal.  This one sacrifice was eternal; past, present, and future. Do you realize that this “Joshua” has already forgiven your errors? and your errors of all your tomorrows?!

4 – The symbolism is bewildering and exciting at the same time.  It is an awesome message to Zerubbabel who was back in Jerusalem rebuilding the Temple. “…Not by might nor power, but by my Spirit…” is the message that has encouraged untold amounts of Believers to continue in their Kingdom endeavors and to do so with the proper attitude! It’s such beautiful literature.  The capstone, the foundation, the plumbline that ensures that the Temple is perpendicular – all this is Christ and Christ in operation. The candlestick is symbolic of God’s House.  Herein is Light provided to the world.  The Lampstand was what was in the Tabernacle and then in the Temple. The olive trees (remember olive oil symbolizes healing – we read that in James 5 just last week), -olive trees and their beneficial oil mean to be Joshua and Zerubbabel according to some.  Others posit it is Moses and Elijah (the two that appeared during the Transformation on either side of Jesus.  Peter/James/John were there).  What it all means won’t be settled today – just know that the vision is inspiring, encouraging, and of God.  Zerubbabel especially is to be encouraged as he is putting the Temple together again.   And 600 or so years later, the Temple becomes us.  Ponder all this fascination, folks.

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