November 7

Proverbs 21-23

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

Lord Jesus, since we live for you we want our decisions and steps to match this wisdom that has been shared with us today.  May we be wise in your eyes, not in our own.  Amen.

We continue in Proverbs while riding the current in the wisdom stream.  The Wisdom Stream has us in Proverbs all the “wisdom days” of October and November.  Can we call it ‘the brilliance of a colorful autumn”? We should.
21 – The Lord knows each nation’s king, each man’s heart, He knows justice, He knows where the proud end up. The diligent have – the hasty lack. Here are some wrong ways to live or make a living: through lying, violence, perversity, nagging/brawling, craving evil.  You can learn from others’ stupid mistakes.  Help the poor, be a giving soul, do what is just. Loving ease keeps you poor. It cannot be overstated –> the blessings upon the righteous, the gracious, the wise, those who follow honor. They shall be mighty and kept from foolishness and harm.   The appetite of the lazy and greedy will kill him. The righteous give while the wicked plot to take more. Liars die, but the words of those who listen become eternal. Be upright, plan and prepare for victory, but realize that it is God who gives it.
22 – A good reputation cannot be bought. A bad one cannot be bought off.  V. 4 -> “By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, and honor and life.” <- within all the 95 verses we read today, be sure and remember this one. * Remember the importance of guarding the soul, of training and disciplining children, of managing money properly, of giving, of helping the poor, of shunning scoffers, remaining pure, speaking graciously, and preserving knowledge. Do not cherish laziness, nor a loose woman’s lies, do not guard a child’s foolishness (drive it out), and do not oppress the poor.  Next in Proverbs are 30 wise sayings and themes in a row.  We’ll do the first 19:
     1] Listen to wisdom, to the Lord, to good counsel  2] Do not rob/oppress the poor.  This puts you on God’s bad list  3] Avoid angry people  4] Avoid securities for other people (e.g. co-signing on a loan)  5] Do not move
      property boundaries  6] diligent businessmen have audience with kings
23 – 7] control your appetite, whomever you are dining with  8] Do not trade your life/health for riches. You will end up with nothing.  9] Do not dine with evil people. It is a trap  10] Do not even talk to fools  11] Do not move
      boundaries especially not to rob from orphans   12] Learn and keep learning  13] Discipline and correction will save a child’s life  14] Have your children be wise also (Hezekiah should have, eh?) 15] Sinners and their ways
      end. God never does. So yearn for God  16] Drunks, carousers, gluttons <–> get away from them  17] God made the family structure. Honor Him by honoring your family   18] Give your heart to Godly wisdom, not prostitutes
      19] Alcohol will turn your life into a pathetic waste. And you will go back for more until you are gone.

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