March 19



Genesis 43-45

We are in the World Stream today. Join us as we listen to one of the most powerful stories of forgiveness and reconciliation ever penned in millennia as Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers. We are reading from the Holman Christian Standard Bible in this 12th week of reading the Scriptures this year.

43 – Is a chapter that talks about the manifold care that God affords to his Chosen Nation, even though they have sinned greatly and have been disobedient through and through. They are still God’s possession and God is going to do what He is going to do. The punishment does not change the fact that God is gracious and will restore. He does this because of who He is and for no other reason. [come the New Testament, the word “grace” is poured all over this aspect of who God is. God does this to demonstrate to the whole world that God is God; the only True God. The symbolism in this chapter is rich and worth reading again.

44 – the heartwarming highlights in this chapter have echoed for God’s people as the finest prose. v. 3: I will pour water on thirsty land … I will pour out my Spirit on your descendants. v. 6 I am the first and I am the last. Isaiah goes on a protracted description of how foolish it is to have anything to do with idols; the make them, to bow to them, to worship them, to expect anything from them. This is a theme that Isaiah reserves as a favorite and he delivers it with relish again here!

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