June 6


Psalm 69-72

We are in the Wisdom Stream reading some of King David’s psalms. We are using the New Living Translation this week.

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Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis

69 – This is a cry for relief from suffering that is slamming David at so many levels; spiritually, physically, socially.  It is akin to Psalm 22 in its desperation tone.  Ps. 69 is quoted 8 times in the N.T.  David feels he is going down in so many ways.   And amid this pain he remains confessional and deeply committed to God’s house.  He is wading through a slough of ridicule, rejection, derision – so much so that he feels that the insults are going to kill him.  He’s really going under … so it seems.  He wants all his punishers to be punished, and those who are punishing him are just about everybody.  David wants people to just let him be and let him be with his God again, undisturbed.  David wants to praise God in jubilation [a little more joy and a little less anguish in his worship it that’s not too much to ask!!]  David also wants lovers of God to be well.  It’s a landmark prayer coming from a good heart bent on walking with God.

70 – This Psalm is reminiscent to what we heard in the latter part of Ps. 40.  David is demonstrating in his words here that there is joy that can be clung to; joy in the Lord even thought there is persecution going on.  It reminds us that in all circumstances we are to search for God even when things are difficult.
71 – In a world where most of the people the world over were chanting things like, “this rock is my god,”  David gave a clarion call to look up for answers – not out and around.  He declared, “God is my rock.”  He is looking back on a life filled with God’s faithfulness and his assurance and security are the stuff of devotional material that is shared wherever there is judeoChristian theology and a proper perspective of God in Heaven who reigns on earth.
72 – Solomon is speaking in a wondrous tone here.   Certainly carried throughout this Psalm is the imagery of Christ reigning on the earth when He returns.  The things that all those who have a heart for God sense ought to be on earth truly are.  There is prosperity, the rescue that is needed is readily provided, the godly flourish, all worship the one true God, .

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