January 19

Daniel 2:24-49

Today we are in the Exile Stream and continue the exciting story of Daniel, aka Belteshazzar, solving Nebuchadnezzar’s dream challenge with help from the Lord. We will finish chapter 2 today and discuss the dream and eschatology.


Lord of Heaven’s Army, what a story we read today.  What honor you bestow on those who are stayed upon Thee.  Make us more like Daniel.  Raise up 10,000 Daniels to shake this world for Heaven’s sake.  In Jesus we pray,  Amen.


It is 602-601 B.C.  And we learn a stalwart story of a young man whose integrity is unsurpassed in history.

The Dream Interpretation is preceded by some build up that tells us a few things about Daniel.  One is that of gracious wisdom.  Daniel walks onto a platform of tremendous power from the impression he has made on Babylonian Royalty – and they were impressed because of his integrity.  This granted Daniel an aura of tremendous respect.  Remember the Babylonians are not Believers of any sort and they perceive Daniel to be some sort of golden goose that was different than them yet had extreme value.  We see Daniel intercept briskly and respectfully to stay the execution of the ‘wise men’.  Daniel is a very young man and the power we see him exercising first is that to stop the killing.  Daniel is not ‘drunk on power’ at all.  Remember the first half of chapter two entails some serious drama from a troubled king whose dream perplexed him so badly he wanted to start a killing spree of all his so called scholars.  Daniel and his three friends would be included in this death row, so Daniel is involved, and there is no way out but to go to God.  When crisis draws us to God let’s stop and thank Him.  God is interested in pressing us to Himself.  No need to get our soul all wadded up!  Pray!

A second thing we see about Daniel is his keen sense of respect and protocol.  Daniel is young yet he fully understands propriety in such a setting.  He has had three years of training to operate in this setting and n’ere does a syllable of smack talk escape his lips.  His respect for Nebuchadnezzar is disarming.  Third we see Daniel’s faith that is nothing shy of anyone’s we see anywhere else in the Bible.  With his own life on the line and time a critical matter, Daniel states his faith, his respect for the king, and full confidence for what is about to transpire.  We must keep in mind that King Neb’ has already furiously told the others that he was angry as they seemed to stall for time AND declared their incompetence.  The intensity was thick as toxic smoke.  But here Daniel also honors the others whom he declares were not below him in his mind, and his ability to make sense of Nebuchadnezzar’s message.  His assuring the King that God is showing him things to come was a perfect way to articulate what was happening and impress upon the King that God (of Abraham!) is using him; The King of Babylon.  This had to induce peace for the king.  Here is the complete and historical explanation of the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream as God revealed it to Daniel:

Head of Gold                     Babylon               this lasted  626-539 B.C.

Chest/Arms of silver          Persia                  this became 539-332 B.C.

Belly/Thighs of Bronze      Greece                 Greece was 332-063 B.C.

Legs of Iron                       Rome                   ruled from 63 B.C. and fwd

Feet of Clay/Iron                Rome divided      395 A.D.  (Western part fragmented in ca. 80 years. Eastern part; Byzantium lasted another millennium plus)

The Stone (wrecking)        God’s Kingdom    went atomic at Pentecost–> eternity                     (Pentecost occurred summer 29 A.D.)

Daniel does not spell all of this out though it is told to you in detail as we know it today.  Nebuchadnezzar finds relief in this just like a person receiving a medical diagnosis experiences lowered stress as the mystery has been clarified.  The dream is not a wretched nightmare to King Neb’ anymore.  He understands it best as he can.  And for this, Daniel is honored with a staggering amount of prestige, gifts, wealth, power, and advancement for his friends.        Don’t forget, Daniel is 16 years old!  

Don’t ever say you are too young to be used of God to flip the world for the good, encounter kings, call down the thunder, tear down principalities, end the ungodliness in your county or country.  And don’t say you won’t be used because you are too old either.  None are ever excused from their calling.


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