February 10

Matthew 13

We are in the Christ Stream today and reading from the New King James Version. What will Jesus teach about this week?

First up is the Sower story. Mt, Mk, Lk. all include this, Mt, has the most detail, Lk, has the least, Jn. doesn’t have it.  Mt. makes the most of the NEVER seeing, hearing, perceiving not understanding part; he even includes the Isaiah quote about this to drive it home.  Remember, Matthew is writing his book to the Jews of Israel/Judah/Jerusalem (local), he has worked tax collecting for the Romans – he once was blind to what he was doing but … the pay was good so he “didn’t see it” [?]  🙁 So he feels bold to address it. It’s a parable about being a good investment, more than just making them / being one. Do not let anything stop you from being productive for our God.  We are to grow and multiply. We are not to be devoured, sidetracked, decimated, distracted.

Why parables? he wants to bring the interested in further before divulging secrets.  Secrets to God’s glory cannot be flung to the public from street corners to those who might abuse them v.s. cherish them.

Mustard Seed – be very diligent in what we are dealing with good AND bad because it grows, it all grows.

Weeds / Net – let’s be careful to not be kicking people out of church like riot police and club/ or / concert bouncers.  God knows what to do with those who are faking it in the churches of the world, and he knows what to do about them. Relax and worship at church, don’t “people sort” and expel because we are worried about all those around us.  Discerning for leadership selection is another topic altogether that is not being dealt with here.

Cc. “Hidden Treasure” – what are we willing to risk and or invest to gain the true riches that will never depreciate or disappear or devalue or be stolen?  How much are any of us willing to wager on an enterprise that we KNOW is going to be victorious?

Prophet w/o Honor, say an encouraging word to those who may be suffering from this syndrome. and give warning as you embellish upon v. 58.


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